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12 Items That Say You’re a Fashion Girl Without Saying You’re a Fashion Girl

Sometimes I’m particularly excited to write certain stories, and this is one of them. I think I’m pretty good at knowing a fashion girl when I see one. One of the reasons for this is that they wear things that are dead giveaways that they know and love fashion, and I’m an expert at spotting those things, if I do say so myself. In some cases, it’s a certain brand, and in others, it’s a specific It item or micro-trend that you’d only know about if you study the runways and perhaps read Who What Wear on a regular basis.

It goes without saying, but many blatant (in a good way!) fashion girls have amassed large followings on Instagram, and I count myself as one of those followers. While there are many fashion-girl giveaways, I landed on 11 that feel particularly relevant right now. Keep scrolling to see them in the wild and shop them for your own stylish wardrobe, or feel free to just use this as an outfit idea guide—your call!

In-the-know fashion girls can spot the Jacquemus logo from a mile away. As long as its quirky-cool accessories keep being presented to us, we’ll keep being obsessed with them.

Bucket hats aren’t really new, but they won’t go away, and we’re just fine with that. They make any outfit they’re paired with a little more fun.

The popular #gannigirls hashtag didn’t start for no reason. The brand has more fashion girl devotees than can even be quantified, and they helped put Copenhagen on the map as a major fashion city.

Forget skinny jeans (for now)—every fashion girl I know has moved on to baggy jeans for the foreseeable future, so don’t be afraid to stock up.

These three It brands are constantly all over my Instagram feed, and that’s been the case for quite some time. Fashion girls love brands with longevity.

We’re living in the age of the trendy hair accessory, folks. Fashion girls obviously love all things ’90s, and can’t resist a good claw clip, scrunchie, or headband these days. 

I didn’t realize flip-flops would be as popular for as long as they have been when they first made a comeback, but here we are. Take your pick—there are tons of cool iterations on the market, and fashion girls can’t get enough.

An ear full of earrings may not be the easiest trend to achieve, but fashion girls have shown that they’re willing to endure the pain to get themselves an ear party.

Fashion girls love the whole merch look these days, and Sporty & Rich is undoubtedly leading the trend. The logo sweats, hats, and T-shirts have remained coveted items since the brand launched.

The fashion crowd and celebrities alike have proven their loyalty to By Far, and with good reason—it sets trend after trend each season and has produced many It bags and It shoes over the years.

Fashion girls and New Balance sneakers are inseparable these days. We all know this. It’s hard to imagine another sneaker brand ever becoming more of a craze than NB is, but time will tell.

Nanushka’s buttery soft vegan leather is a thing of beauty. It may be pricey, but it’s something fashion girls are willing to splurge on.

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