5 Expert Tips On Combatting Frizz

5 Expert Tips On Combatting Frizz featured image

Towel Off
“To reduce frizz, always pat the hair dry after a shower instead of rough-drying it with a towel,” says celeb hairstylist Rena Calhoun, whose purchasers embrace Christina Applegate and Demi Lovato. “This will keep the cuticle smooth and reduce frizz.” If you might have moisture-retentive hair, go for a microfiber towel, which removes extra water from the hair with out the harsher results of a standard tub towel.

Try It Out
One microfiber fabric that really stays placed on the scalp, The VOLO Hero Quick Dry Towel ($39) features a snag-free strap that holds your ‘do tight. When it comes time to take it off, your locks won’t solely be dry, however irresistibly clean to the contact.

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