6 Celebrities on What Beauty Means to Them

6 Celebrities on What Beauty Means to Them featured image

Raising consciousness for breast most cancers shouldn’t be restricted to the month of October, which is why Naked Cashmere and NewBeauty have teamed up to help the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to unfold the message of empowerment, schooling and sweetness to thousands and thousands of girls by way of a multigenerational #sharethelove marketing campaign, showcasing the bond between moms and daughters.

What Is Beauty to You?

“To me, beauty is how you feel. It’s whatever you do that makes you look and feel like your best self. My mom always used to say, ‘When you feel good you look good, and when you look good you feel good.’ And it’s really the truth.”—Molly Sims and daughter, Scarlett


“Beauty is openness and connection. Whether you find it in nature or in someone else, beauty resonates.”—Jordana Brewster and her mom, Maria João

“Beauty is kindness—to yourself and to others.”—Carolyn Murphy

“Beauty exists in the heart. Our exterior will inevitably fade, but how we live our lives and how we impact others last forever.”—Lisa Ling and household

“Beauty is taking the time to take care of yourself: Your skin, hair and body. You always feel better when you feel healthy.”—Cheryl Hines

“My mom taught me that what’s most important in beauty is to get enough sleep, laugh a lot and moisturize!”—Cheryl Hines’s daughter, Cat

“Beauty is the feeling of self-confidence and happiness inside of you. Beauty is what you radiate toward others—as well as your self-respect and self-love.”—Dr. Barbara Sturm and daughter, Charly

The Power of Beauty

For movie star hairstylist Adir Abergel, director of Virtue Labs, a giant a part of his job is making individuals lovely—however he’s additionally devoted to supporting the trigger and serving to ladies who’re going by way of most cancers therapy regain confidence.

“Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself. Self-care is an important part of wellness. Some people feel better embracing the way they look in that moment of time and space, whether you want to go au natural or wear a wig, a gorgeous head wrap or a hat. Beauty is found in many different ways. There is no definition. I love to empower women to give them the options to feel their most powerful. Beauty is when you feel good about yourself. My greatest gift is when I am working with anyone going through this process, I just listen, try to be of service and help them feel their most powerful.” —AA

“Hair loss is a very common side effect of cancer treatment. This is because chemotherapy targets fast-growing cells in the body and cannot distinguish between cancerous cells and other rapidly growing cells, like hair follicles. As a result, patients often experience hair loss or hair breakage. My advice is to be gentle with your hair and scalp during cancer treatments, and make sure you’re protecting yourself from the sun and external aggressors. I recommend washing your hair less frequently—every two or three days— using mild or baby shampoo, and letting your hair air-dry. If you need to brush your hair, choose a brush with soft bristles or a wide-toothed comb. Every time you go outside or are near a window that lets in light, even when it’s cloudy outside, cover your head with a hat or hair wrap to protect your sensitive scalp.” —New York dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD

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