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7 Dry Hair Tips to Keep Your Locks Happy All Winter Long

Cold weather brings dry hair

Even if you typically have fuss-free hair, you may be finding its leaning more dry and frizzy these days.In the winter, theres less humidity in the air, so our locks dry out easily, says Whitney Eaddy, the celebrity hair stylist known as the Growth Guru. The harsher the temperatures, the drier it gets. And staying indoors with the heat cranked (like so many of us are stuck doing this winter) isnt a salve. Artificial heat automatically sucks out moisture, [because] the airs not being circulated and not being exposed to the natural elements as much, says Eaddy.The good news: all this extra time indoors also offers the perfect opportunity to experiment with hair treatments and letting your hair dry naturally, without heat. You can just do a hair mask and live your life! Eaddy says.Here are 7 dry hair tips to keep your locks luscious and healthy all winter long.(Related: How to Care for Curls and Coils at Home)

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