A Dangerous Heat Wave Is Coming — How to Stay Safe in High Temperatures

A Dangerous Heat Wave Is Coming — How to Stay Safe in High Temperatures

Niket Sonpal, a New York-based board-certified internist and gastroenterologist, says it is best to keep inside to correctly get better when you’ve any virus, whether or not COVID-19 or influenza. “If you have a virus and go outside during a heat wave, you can risk dehydration, heat stroke, and take a much longer time to recover,” he says. Additionally, for those who do have COVID-19, he stresses that you must isolate it doesn’t matter what, whatever the temperature exterior.

Since the COVID-19 vaccine may cause fever, Adalja says you might also be extra comfy indoors after the vaccine when you’ve got air-con, and that whereas the warmth wave will not immediately make your unintended effects worse, it might compound them. “It’s just two different uncomfortable things going on,” he says.

If you lately obtained the COVID-19 vaccine, Sonpal says it is also finest to keep in a cool setting, which shall be extra comfy for those who expertise potential unintended effects. But if you have not been vaccinated but, you do not want to skip your appointment. “Don’t put off a vaccine appointment because it’s hot,” Adalja says. 

How to forestall doubtlessly critical signs

To keep away from warmth exhaustion and warmth stroke (and to merely keep as comfy as attainable in the oppressive, scorching climate), suppose preventatively. Barger Stevens recommends dressing in free, light-weight, and light-colored clothes when open air — with as few layers as attainable — and preloading with fluids earlier than heading out into the warmth.

If you intend to spend prolonged time exterior, particularly for those who’ll be lively, at all times goal for the morning (when the warmth index is lowest) and take loads of breaks, transferring indoors or to a shaded space whenever you’re beginning to really feel overheated. As a normal rule, keep away from consuming extra caffeine and alcohol, each of that are diuretics and can additional dehydrate your physique, and replenish with loads of fluids. Just preserve in thoughts that you simply may want extra than simply water to substitute what you lose by means of sweat.

“When we tell people to hydrate, they usually think of just replacing their lost fluids with water,” Barger Stevens says. “But since water alone doesn’t have enough sodium and potassium for your bloodstream, you’ll want to drink both water and sports drinks with electrolytes.”

Another vital notice: If you are on any medicine and plan to spend greater than just some minutes open air throughout a warmth advisory or warning, double-check together with your physician that you simply’re not in danger for heat-related well being points. Barger Stevens says antihistamines, diuretics, seizure drugs, ADD and ADHD medication, and anti-hypertensive medication can have an effect on how the physique retains fluid.

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