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15 Surprising Reasons How Your Home is Making you Gain Weight

A large population of people who stayed at home to stay safe over the last few months have started noticing how their weight has been spiralling upwards and the buttons on their jeans have started practicing social distancing! Your home is a place where you find the maximum comfort and warmth, no wonder, everyone calls …

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10 Amazing Weight Loss Tips for Women Working in Night Shifts

Working night shifts has become a norm nowadays and tweaking your diet and lifestyle according to the night shift has become a necessity. Countless cup of caffeine, fighting the body’s natural clock, low levels of melatonin (sleep hormone) – can all easily lead to weight gain. Various studies have pointed out that night shift workers …

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14 Ways to Lose Inches and not Just Kgs From All Over Your Body

Women would literally give their right arm for losing inches from their waist, hips and thigh region, to get an ideal figure, more precisely an hourglass structure. However, we all would agree that losing weight is relatively easy than losing inches because the belly, hip and thigh area have a different kind of fat with …