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Black Life Matters. Any Color Life Matters

We need to hold ourselves accountable. Life matters no matter its color.

3 min read

I rarely express my public opinion on delicate matters such as black life matters, racism, it’s white. it’s black. The subject is as delicate and fragile as dust in the wind. And just as dangerous. It can get into your eyes and blind the crap out of you.  So I am not taking sides. Yes, black life matters. Also, all life matters. What the hell happened to be humane? Not…


Harvey Weinstein Guilty, Convicted Of Rape

2 min read

Power and influence may no longer equal invincibility for men accused of sexual misconduct. This was proven now, as Harvey Weinstein was found guilty and convicted Monday of one count of committing a criminal sexual act and one count of rape. “For once, he won’t be sitting comfortably,” said Rose McGowan. She claimed Weinstein raped her in 1997. “For once, he will know what it’s like to have power wrapped…