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10 Drool-Worthy Canadian Food Accounts to Follow on Instagram

After nearly a year of (mostly) cooking at home for ourselves, we could all use a little bit of kitchen inspo these days. At least, in my house, Ive been rotating between the same basic stir fry dishes. Luckily, there are tons of food bloggers, Instagrammers, and TikTokers out there, sharing their recipes and inspiration …

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This Canadian Company Is Making Pregnancy Tests More Affordable and Sustainable

Most family doctors use a simple little strip for in-office pregnancy tests. This strip is arguably more effective, has zero plastic waste and is significantly less expensive than their drug-store counterparts. So, why arent we using them? It’s a question that Vancouver-based Jackie Rhind, founder of Ovry, sought out to explain. According to a survey …

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How I Can Put the Brakes on My Online Spending Habit?

Its probably safe to say your online shopping increased in 2020, most likely out of pure necessity. But what happens when your seemingly innocent online purchasing becomes a financial problem? Even if you dont think youre buying a lot (despite a package arriving at your home pretty much every day), the reality usually hits with …