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5 Yoga Moves to Target Your Abs
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5 Yoga Moves to Target Your Abs

I often get questions from first-time students about the benefits of yoga, and for some, there seems to be a preconceived notion that yoga is just a simple workout where you don’t break a sweat. And while some forms of yoga take less physical activity—like these facial yoga poses that target anti-aging—others like vinyasa or ashtanga-style classes, are …

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Why You Should Keep a Giant Water Bottle at Your Desk

Because of water, I could win the office superlative for “most obnoxious.” I lug my half gallon water bottle around with me, swinging it around like a small purse. I often have a 14-inch metal straw to complement its portly silhouette. If you are the coworker of mine, you’ve most likely seen this toddler size …