Cheat Sheet: Which Self-Tanner Formula Is Best For You?

Cheat Sheet: Which Self-Tanner Formula Is Best For You? featured image

Mousse + Foam

What they’re: Mousses and foams comprise a surfactant to provide them a lightweight, ethereal texture, making them simple to mix. “They’re also fast-drying due to the air bubbles, allowing you to avoid the classic self-tan drip and streak disasters,” Harrington says.

Who they’re finest for: They generally is a bit drying, so that they’re nice for these with oily pores and skin. And as a result of they dry rapidly, they’re preferrred for fast software; nonetheless, it’s for this identical cause that mousses and foams could also be higher for extra skilled self-tanners. “Wait at least 10 minutes before dressing after applying, and always apply any self-tanner in a cool, dry area,” Harrington says. “In a steamy bathroom, humidity, water and sweat can break down the tanner, creating a streaky mess.”

One to Try: “My Body Mousse ($50) is a soft soufflé that glides on and melts into skin like a body cream,” says Harrington.

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