Eyelash Extension Application Tips and Tricks

Eyelash Extension Application Tips and Tricks

Eyelash Extension Application Tips and Tricks

If you feel like your natural lashes could use a boost, eyelash extensions are a simple and effective way to accomplish that. You can use extensions to fill in sparse eyelashes, get a long, voluminous look without mascara, or introduce a pop of color into your look. Whether you’re a future lash artist learning the tricks of the trade or someone who wants to give their eyelashes a makeover, these eyelash extension application tips and tricks will teach you how to apply extensions the right way.

Choosing the Right Extensions

Before you start, you need to choose the type of extensions you’ll use. First, consider the type of curl on the lashes. Depending on you or your client’s eye shape and natural lashes, certain types of curls will look better than others. Next, you should determine the material you’ll use. You can get extensions made from fox and mink, but these materials are expensive and can cause allergies. Synthetic lashes, on the other hand, are cheaper and less likely to cause a reaction. If you get synthetic lashes that are too cheap, however, they might look fake. You also need to choose between the classic or volume technique for applying the extensions. The main difference between the two techniques is their ratio of lash extension to natural lash. The classic eyelash extension technique uses a ratio of one lash extension per natural lash, while volume uses multiple lash extensions per natural lash. The diameter of the extensions you use is crucial. A certain diameter might work well with one technique, but not with the other. Finally, you’ll have to decide whether you want natural or bright-colored lashes. Most people will choose extensions that match the color of their natural lashes, but you can also get lashes in pink, purple, green, and blue.

How To Apply Them

Once you know what type of extensions you’ll use, you can start applying them using these eyelash extension application tips and tricks. Start by spreading the lashes out on a vinyl pad and picking one up with your tweezer. While holding the extension, dip it into the adhesive. Make sure there’s enough adhesive at the base before applying. You’ll also want to cover the natural lash in adhesive. Take your curved tweezers and isolate the natural lash. You can coat the lash with adhesive by swiping the extension across it. After that, set the extension on the lash about a half millimeter away from the eyelid. Keep applying extensions until it becomes difficult to isolate any more natural lashes. Remember: the extensions shouldn’t stick together. You can unstick extensions by using both sets of tweezers. Do this when the adhesive is dry, but not fully cured. Once you apply and separate all the extensions, leave them to dry for three minutes. After that, mist them with distilled water and wait another three minutes for them to completely dry. Congrats—you’re done!

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