First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review

Key elements:

Colloidal oatmeal (calms and relieves itching); shea butter and ceramide 3 (moisturize); licorice root, feverfew, and white-tea extracts (combat free radicals)

How it appears to be like/feels/smells:

The opalescent white cream is thick however ethereal — think about a nonsticky marshmallow fluff — and smells like eucalyptus.

Why we prefer it:

Hallelujah and one million emoji arms to the sky: Someone lastly concocted a moisturizer that’s elegant, efficient, and reasonably priced sufficient for us to smear on our face and physique, regardless of the irritation — eczema patches, beard burn, retinoid-induced uncooked spots, chafed limbs, chapped nostrils. And that is no small achievement, buddies: a formulation that fits all pores and skin have to be simply the fitting consistency — thick sufficient to really do one thing, however a far cry from greasy or heavy. And it should stroll a type of compositional tightrope, fastidiously balancing conventional dry-skin soothers, like oatmeal, with elements extra synonymous with science-driven skincare (antioxidants, ceramides, and the like).

That mentioned, we’ve discovered the palliative goo works greatest as a spot therapy of kinds, offering intense hydration and reduction to irked areas. It dries the teeniest bit too cheesy to put on underneath full-face make-up or sunscreen (although you’ll little doubt be tempted to strive). If you want a extra strong or widespread utility (or a short-term reprieve out of your typical potions), put on it to mattress or over a weekend filled with Netflix bingeing.

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