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Hanging Kids’ Artwork | A Cup of Jo

Hanging Kids' Artwork | A Cup of Jo

Cup of Jo has been operating for 14 years (!) so we’ve determined that every so often, we’ll be highlighting some of the most well-liked posts from the previous. Here’s one of our favorites, initially revealed on October 22, 2018.

When he was three, Anton got here residence from preschool with a stack of work, and I taped one of them on the wall for the afternoon. Cut to 2 years later: It’s nonetheless up and has turn out to be one of my favourite items of artwork in our residence. What is it about children’ drawings that really feel so good? Here are 4 different methods to show kids’s art work…

Five ways to hang kids' artwork

Decorate a door. “Our apartment has a sliding door that separates the living area from the bedrooms. We put up the kids’ artwork, and I plan to switch it up eventually and let them paint directly on the door. I think they’d love it.” – Liz

Five ways to hang kids' artwork

Just tape it up. “The paper taped above our bed is the first pencil drawing Cleo ever did, for Father’s Day. When we hung it, she pointed at it and said ‘Cleo!’ She was this tiny little person feeling pride.” – Sarah

Five ways to hang kids' artwork

Make a mini gallery. “It was important to me to hang our son’s artwork in the kitchen and his bedroom; then we kept the other spaces feeling more grown-up. We used cheerful Ikea frames, and we all loved it.” — Abbey

Five ways to hang kids' artwork

Five ways to hang kids' artwork

Embrace the chaos. Did you ever see this hilarious drawing on Twitter? Laughing out loud that the title is “Interrupted House.” His dad and mom undoubtedly caught him as he was coloring it in!

What artwork do you could have round your own home?

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(Top photograph of our house by Christine Han. Liz Libré’s kitchen by Alpha Smoot. Sarah’s bed room by Lena Corwin. Abbey’s kitchen by Seth Smoot. Tina’s kitchen by Alpha Smoot.)

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