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How to Care for Curls and Coils at Home

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Bring your curls and coils to life

If you have curly or textured hair, then you might have come out of 2020s limited salon access and WFH reality in a different headspace. Theres absolutely been a shifttheres a lot more women now embracing their natural texture, says Janet Jackson, hairstylist and owner of JouJou Hair Studio in Toronto. To bring your curls and coils to life, Jackson emphasizes hair care. Its the foundation that involves using the right products while committing to a routine of cleansing, conditioning and treatments. Now people are seeing the importance of it, because theyve had to take care of their hair themselves and not necessarily leave it to a professional, she says. Start smart and a big payoff awaits. If you dont have the proper hair care, then your styling products arent going to work the way you hope, says Jackson.Scientifically, curls are drier and more delicate than straight strands. They have a different protein composition and more cuticles on the outer layer, making them more prone to breakage. The essentials to support those needs includes sulphate-free shampoo, a sulphate-free and nourishing conditioner, and a hydrating mask, to be used every two to four weeks. The mask is paramount for maintaining health, especially in the winter. You need it to add moisture and replace any kind of protein the hair needs, says Jackson. Generally, hydrating and reparative products are best. But individuality also plays a major role in how your curls and coils look and respond to products. There is no one regimen for everyone. Its about figuring that out on your own, based on experimenting, she says. Do your research first. Understanding your hair type is key before choosing products.With a solid care routine established, you can turn your attention to styling products and techniques. Learning about finger coiling, shingling or the rake and shake technique, for starters, could be game-changing. Playing with cocktailing products (mixing a product that hydrates with one that offers hold or definition) will also lead curls and coils to a happy place. As will Jacksons vital take-away. Embrace frizz, she says. A lot of times, the first thing we thinkand have been marketed to thinkis that we need to eliminate frizz to get that perfect curl. With textured hair, you actually have to embrace it. Its about having the right kind of frizz.(Related: Is the Manta Hair Brush Worth The Hype?)

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