How To Wear Vintage Dress Styles in Your Everyday Style

How To Wear Vintage Dress Styles in Your Everyday Style

There is something special about vintage fashion that never fails to entrance us. How did all these women manage to look so prim and perfect all the time? The answer is not so abstract that we can’t bring that retro classiness back for our enjoyment. Mastering how to wear vintage dress styles in your everyday style just takes a little planning. By changing your everyday look a little at a time, you can experiment with the oft-forgotten beauty of vintage fashion.

Emphasis on Grooming

One thing that sets the classic examples of retro fashion apart is a tendency toward formal wear. In many eras, casual wear was just as sharp and often similar to more high-end designs. We’ve since traded snappy outfits for convenience. Baggy T-shirts and jeans are a far cry from the lavish ball gowns of our own era’s high fashion.

To look more vintage, try easing into a more formal look. For instance, add ties, collars, and dress shoes to your regular wardrobe. Experiment with more dramatic combinations of jewelry. Get into the habit of wearing dressier clothing. Even on T-shirt and casual days, experiment with ironing or layering for an extra sharp appeal.

Learn About Different Styles

How to wear vintage dress styles in your everyday styles comes down to knowing about different eras and styles. There are many period looks that one can still pull off these days or modify to look a little less out of place.

Have fun exploring the history of what people in different eras and classes used to wear. Some dresses have gone through fascinating metamorphoses to stay up to date, such as the ever-popular evening dress. You may even end up creating your one-of-a-kind look that everyone will admire.

Dig Into Retro Accessories

These days, it’s so much easier to have one bag and a favorite pair of earrings as the only accessories you need. Such was not the case back in the day, and people throughout the ages have put immense pride into choosing just the right necklace, bracelet, handbags, and more for every occasion.

Another easy way to look classy and vintage is to try out looks that disappeared as society shifted away from unspoken expectations of fashion. For instance, fine gloves and hats were once an expected adornment for anyone with a lick of taste. These accessories and others, such as brooches and alligator clips, have all but disappeared but never lost their high-class charm.

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