How Your Skin Changes After Getting Mohs Reconstruction Surgery | Expert Tips

How Your Skin Changes After Getting Mohs Reconstruction Surgery | Expert Tips

Viscusi considers sunscreen to be the “most important change [to make to your skin-care routine] going forward to reverse past sun damage and prevent future damage.” And do not forget to place it onto your donor website, too. “[They] are often hidden areas you may forget to apply sunscreen,” Viscusi says. “It’s crucial to give the donor site extra love and sun protection.” 

How to Adjust Your Skin-Care Routine

Regardless of how your pores and skin was reconstructed, your recent scar must be moisturized greater than the remainder of your face. “Scars tend to be a little bit drier than normal for a while afterward,” Minkis notes. No quantity of heavy moisturizer will probably be an excessive amount of for it. 

For the remainder of your go-to skin-care merchandise, solely layer delicate ones onto your scar, Lee says. Avoid exfoliants, acids, or retinols. 

Scar Management & Treatments After Mohs Surgery

Wanting your scar to vanish would not make you useless — it makes you a human being, Gaveras says. In truth, the number-one factor Lee’s sufferers ask about after their procedures is what one of the best scar cream is. We’ll prevent the inquiry by sharing her perception: There’s no good proof to point out that scar lotions make a distinction. “A lot of scars will mature by themselves and get better on their own,” Lee says. However, she provides, “if you have a raised scar, using a silicone sheet can be helpful.” 

Minkis, Desai, and Viscusi suggest silicone-based merchandise, like sheets in addition to gels, to assist flatten and soften the scar. Silicone gels “create a protective barrier over the scar, which increases hydration and helps halt excessive collagen build up,” Viscusi notes. Be positive to seek the advice of your physician when you’ve got any scar issues, so you may determine what scar therapy works finest for you. 

All that being stated, in-office therapies are your finest wager for lowering the looks and thickness of your scar. Many of them could be mixed and executed throughout the identical go to, Minkis says.

Conversely, you do not essentially need to do something to your scar. You can put on it proudly as a reminder that you just survived, simply as these individuals do. Most of the time, these therapies are for addressing beauty issues, in order that they is probably not lined by insurance coverage. They could be thought of medically obligatory in case your scar is symptomatic, aka tender or itchy, although, Lee says. In that case, the process could also be eligible for protection. “However, it’s important to speak with your physician to see if the scar treatment is included as part of the skin cancer surgery and management,” she provides. 


For the raised, thick edges of scars, one of many first therapy choices thought of is steroid injections to probably assist flatten them out. Because it’s only administered into the scar website, “[the steroid] has very little to no systemic absorption,” Minkis explains. “It’s very safe, just a very small quantity of it.” The identical injection is often used for keloid scars, hypertrophic scars, and infected pores and skin, like cystic pimples. If you are vulnerable to any of these circumstances, you will most definitely be a candidate for steroid injections, Desai provides. Most of the time, just one spherical is important. If it really works, you will not have to bear another therapies. 

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