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Is Heavy Weight Lifting for Women Over 50 a Good Idea?

Heavy Weight Lifting for Women

I used to be not too long ago at an occasion for the International Women’s Forum. While speaking with a small group of girls on the occasion, the dialog turned to what we had been doing or tried new recently. Two of the ladies excitedly advised of their new enterprise into lifting heavy weights. Weight lifting for girls? Interesting.

One of the ladies, who’s petite, proudly introduced that she had lifted 250 kilos together with her legs! Needless to say, we had been all very impressed. We had been much more curious when she advised us she had misplaced a full inch round every thigh in simply two months, her osteoporosis was enhancing, and he or she was reducing weight. I additionally would possibly add that they had been working with a private coach. But would lifting heavy weights versus not so heavy make that huge of a distinction, we puzzled? It seems, it makes a large distinction.

Why It’s Important for Women To Lift Heavy Weights

Lifting heavy weights is vital for girls over 50 as a result of their our bodies are naturally dropping muscle mass. The finest approach for them to avoid wasting the muscle they do have and to construct new lean muscle mass is to carry weight limits that problem them. It’s that weight that breaks down present muscle and rebuilds it stronger.

Strength Training for Women over 50

Women, significantly older ones, are likely to again away from lifting weights that problem them as a result of they’re afraid of constructing bulk. While lifting heavier weight will enhance your muscle mass, it is not going to Hulk you out. Instead, power coaching will create tone all through your physique.

Remember, many ladies achieve weight after menopause, too. Hormone adjustments that include menopause have an effect on the form and distribution of physique fats. Weight lifting tightens these areas that get free. The extra weight you carry, the toner your physique will feel and appear.

Lean muscle additionally means extra environment friendly calorie burning. That’s one thing you have to as those self same hormones begin to decelerate your metabolism. Additional muscle helps you burn energy even when you’re doing nothing however lounging on the sofa.

Fight Osteoporosis with Weight Lifting  

On common, one in 4 girls will develop osteoporosis, a situation that may begin as early as age 50 however is extra widespread round age 65, in response to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As estrogen ranges drop, your bones grow to be weaker and extra brittle.

Lifting weights builds bone mineral density. Why? In the nineteenth Century, surgeon Julius Wolff decided that bones rebuild themselves in response to heavy hundreds. This is one in every of many adaptive adjustments the human physique makes to guard well being and wellness.

For older girls whose bones are weakening because of the hormonal adjustments that include menopause, lifting heavier weight works to counteract bone mineral loss, decreasing the danger of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, girls over 50 who don’t problem their bones could present a discount in bone density.

Protecting Your Brain HealthBrain from wooden puzzle - improve memory

Did you recognize there’s a connection between lifting weights and stopping dementia? Researchers in Brazil recently determined that train on the whole releases irisin, a hormone capable of assist enhance neuronal development within the space of the mind accountable for studying and reminiscence. The Alzheimer’s Association has even named train as one of many prime habits you possibly can tackle to reduce the risk of dementia. 

It’s not clear why some girls develop illnesses like Alzheimer’s, however one of many present theories associates it with defective mind signaling. Exercise would possibly enhance that faulty functioning, together with essential power coaching. Weight lifting for girls stimulates rebuilding within the mind.

A motion like weight lifting additionally improves the blood movement to the mind, growing the oxygen ranges. Your mind has an incredible capability to regulate in response to the setting and your private well being wants. Lifting simply intensifies that course of.

Avoid the HunchbackHeavy Dumbbells

Reduced muscle mass can pull the shoulders ahead and around the again, creating that hunched-over look that every one girls worry. There is extra in danger than beauty results like trying hunched, although. The unhealthy posture that may include getting old for girls limits the vary of movement within the shoulders, inflicting decrease again ache and making you stiff and rigid.

Lifting at a weight that challenges muscle tissues offers you a stronger core and enhances the power to help the chest, shoulder, and spinal column. In different phrases, it makes you much less more likely to hunch. It may even open up the chest and enhance again alignment, so that you’ll expertise fewer aches.

A Strong Back Makes Everything Stronger

A toned again can compensate for weaknesses in different areas of the physique, too, just like the knees, hips, and shoulder joints. In a course of referred to as kinetic chain, the physique will look for weak areas and enhance the muscle power round them. There must be muscle there to work with, although. For girls over the age of 50, that muscle is much less more likely to be sturdy sufficient until they carry heavy.

What About the Risks?

While there are some dangers, the advantages far outweigh them. All girls lifting ought to take precautions to boost their security, and that begins with speaking to your medical supplier earlier than starting any new health program. It’s vital to get recommendation that’s pertinent to your well being challenges. For instance, when you’ve got a historical past of shoulder issues, the physician would possibly need you to do particular workouts to construct power in that joint earlier than attempting to carry heavier.

Other ideas for protected lifting embrace:

  • If you might be new to weight lifting, get a coach. There are proper methods and incorrect methods to carry weights. If you do it the incorrect approach, you might be more likely to get harm. A coach can work with you to assist good your kind and to progressively add to the burden load in a protected approach.
  • Plan for lifting weights to really feel totally different. The fact is weight lifting taxes your physique in ways in which strolling and different cardio workouts don’t. It will really feel totally different, so prepare for issues to alter.
  • Don’t blow off relaxation time. As you carry, you stress the muscle tissue sufficient to trigger harm. In response, the physique tears down the tissue and rebuilds it stronger to stop additional harm. Rome was not rebuilt in a day, although. If you bounce proper again within the subsequent day to work those self same muscle tissues, you might be more likely to lose a number of the progress you’ve made by lifting. Take at the very least sooner or later off a week from lifting and concentrate on totally different muscle teams every day. For instance, if Monday is for arms, make Tuesday for the legs.
  • Learn the distinction between discomfort and ache. Feel the burn is a actual factor; it’s how you recognize you might be difficult these muscle tissues. Soreness a day after lifting is regular, too. Sharp ache is totally different. Pain is a signal of potential harm. If you are feeling it, cease lifting and get checked out.

Real accidents like strains or sprains can set you again weeks in your coaching. This is very true for older girls who might not be as energetic as they as soon as had been in life. That sedentary nature places you in danger, so take heed to your physique to keep away from severe harm.

How Much Lifting Should Older Women Do?

The American College of Sports Medicine suggests that every one adults do each cardio and power coaching. They advocate weight coaching for 20 to half-hour two or three days a week. Start sluggish and construct as you carry weights to keep away from overexertion that places you in danger for harm.

Women are actually simply getting began at age 50. That is that if they do it proper. Staying energetic is a huge a part of the equation, and that ought to embrace weight lifting of some form.

Remember: Do not begin any new train program, significantly lifting heavy weights, earlier than consulting along with your doctor. 

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