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I’ve Never Seen a Sexier One-Piece Swimsuit Than EmRata’s

As a model, Emily Ratajkowski would never let good maternity style go to waste. She’s been showing off her baby bump every chance she gets, whether it’s a G-string cutout dress or low-rise jeans with a crop top. And, of course, she also brought her signature pregnancy style to the beach. In her newest Instagram post, Ratajkowski wore the Inamorata George’s Swimsuit ($160), which is from her own line. 

One-piece swimsuits sometimes get a bad rap for not being as cool as bikinis, but EmRata pretty much laid that myth to rest once and for all. The strappy sides, high-leg cut, and cheeky rear all add up to one sultry bathing suit. Scroll down to shop EmRata-inspired swimsuits. Hot tip: As I mentioned with sandals, it’s always smart to get ahead of the game when it comes to spring shopping so you don’t risk your favorite pieces selling out. 

On Emily Ratajkowski: Inamorata George’s Swimsuit ($160)

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Her great pregnancy style streak continues.
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