Jay B on Mullets, Mental Health, and the Future of His Music Career | Interview

Jay B on Mullets, Mental Health, and the Future of His Music Career | Interview

“Even when you’re not working, you can find other excitement,” he continues. “You can get inspiration from that as well.” 

However, when he is working, Jay B appears like he has so much to show now that he is beneath a brand new label with folks to impress. But what precisely does he really feel like he has to show? “That it wasn’t wrong that Jay Park chose me,” Jay B reveals. And how will he measure that? Up till lately, Jay B solely regarded to streaming charts as validation. Now, his personal satisfaction together with his music is what actually issues, as an alternative of being lead by what others suppose. Chart numbers are however a cherry on high of all of it. 

Last 12 months, I riffed so much on the astrological-like set of traits Jay B has given himself as a performer and how JB presents himself for public consumption: smooth, cussed, disciplined, and sharp. As Jay B, he lists off “new start, on the bottom, and a hard worker,” in English as his newest descriptors. 

When choosing three phrases to explain himself at his core as Lim Jaebeom, he sighs and hums. This appears to be the half of the interview Jay B takes most severely. However, somebody from his crew jokingly solutions in the distance, “Sexy, sexy, sexy?” Nope, that is not it. “Just free,” Jay B corrects him in English. “Very free and more human being. And then,” he pauses to additional ponder how he sees himself when nobody is watching. “I’m not cute,” Jay B provides with a smirk. 

As our time involves an finish, I pose the similar query as I did the final time we talked. “How far into the future can you see yourself?” Back then, Jay B was dwelling second to second. As of this second, the future has grow to be clearer to him now. Jay B can see as far out as a fishing-filled retirement. “Of course, I understand I have to build up my career by spending time with my music,” he provides. “But when I’m older, I expect to live in a quiet place, chilling on a beach.”

If the similar query comes up this time subsequent 12 months, Jay B does not count on to have the similar reply, although. “Maybe one month from now or two months from now or even one year from now, everything should be different,” he explains. “But it’s very important for me to consider what I enjoy at that moment, and what I think at that moment. That’s what you can expect from my answer next year.”

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