Jennifer Aniston on the Power of Sunsets, Meditation and Therapy

Jennifer Aniston on the Power of Sunsets, Meditation and Therapy featured image

While some of us are nonetheless attempting to determine it out, Jennifer Aniston has mastered the artwork of meditation. Even amidst her busy life, the star takes trip of her day to follow, a ritual she says has gotten her by means of the pandemic.

According to People, Aniston sits and watches the sundown each night. “It’s my favorite moment,” she says. “I wish we could freeze time in that magic hour because there’s a lot of taking it all in, the appreciation of the day and what’s happening.” While she doesn’t essentially undergo the motions of mediation throughout this time, she likes to take this second for herself on the each day.

Besides this ritual, Aniston says one other kind of meditation is sitting and writing. “That’s enough. And any kind of yoga practice is my meditation. I just have faith in a bigger picture, I guess. And I believe in humanity, even though there’s so much to discourage us from believing in it—but I do,” the 52-year-old shares.

Other contributors to the star’s present state of leisure and happiness: work, her mates and her three canines Clyde, Sophie and Chesterfield. “I’m in a really peaceful place,” she says. “I have a job that I love, I have people in my life who are everything to me and I have beautiful dogs.”

While she will be able to at all times lean on this loyal crew, she additionally credit her present psychological readability to her therapist. “I’ve really gotten a lot out of therapy. Just being a public person, there’s a lot of amazing things that come with that. But there’s also a lot of tough stuff, because we’re only human and we tend to walk around with bulls-eyes on our heads.”

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