Julie Schott Has Some Thoughts About Showering

Julie Schott Has Some Thoughts About Showering

If you occur to be one in every of her 100,000 followers on Instagram, you then already know that Julie Schott, the previous ELLE Beauty Director and present Co-Founder of Starface, isn’t actually one to carry again. So when ITG bought phrase that she was engaged on a brand new model—a physique model known as Plus—we did what any weblog geared up with an e-mail handle would possibly do. ITG requested Julie to over clarify her tackle the last word gettin’ clear expertise. Because everybody’s bought one, whether or not it’s a stance on baths versus showers, morning versus night time, and even bar cleaning soap versus liquid (and truly Julie’s desire for the latter is neither, on condition that Plus is a waterless, bottless, single-serve sq. that dissolves into gentle cleaning soap and suds when splashed with water). Here’s what Julie so graciously suggested:

Mornings are for baths, evenings are for showers

Everyone begins the day by scrolling via their cellphone (uh…proper?), and Julie’s no totally different, other than that her morning scroll takes place within the tub so she will be able to get her “Rev Run scene on,” she explains. The tub itself is rarely fully crammed (“just over the leg”), in order to make use of much less water, and the lighting is dim and serene—a hell of a solution to begin the day. And if the morning tub doesn’t occur (and so they usually don’t, Julie is busy), then a 5-minute bathe earlier than mattress is nice sufficient.

Consider the lavatory burner cellphone

Let’s revisit that Rev Run scene for a second. Julie’s not geared up with Rev’s signature Blackberry nowadays, however the cellphone she does use is particular in that it’s particularly for bathe and tub use. It’s loaded with a finsta that “only follows beauty accounts, so I scroll through that and get my news. And then I send that to other people, who usually respond with, ‘why are you sending this to me right now and what is this number?’ [Laughs] I get a lot of ideas there.” And if you happen to’re questioning, sure, this burner cellphone is waterproof and sure, she makes positive a towel is at all times hanging within the tub’s inside as a result of “you can’t text with wet hands,” duh.

Add some friction

You know that uniquely vigorous scrubbing you possibly can solely get when the particular person doing the scrubbing isn’t you? Julie’s reply to that’s her Goshi exfoliating towel, which she makes use of to get that “intense exfoliation until my skin is practically pilling off.” She places her Plus physique wash sq. contained in the towel, after which runs the water over it to create “more lather than you could possibly need.” Just don’t do that every single day—even Julie doesn’t. She solely exfoliates this fashion each every so often, “when I want to feel brand new and come out feeling silky.”

Get an enormous boy tub mat

This must be mentioned: Bath mats are too small. You want not less than 5 consecutive steps to dry off your toes, and a typical tub mat has room for possibly two child steps? Julie’s bought this discovered along with her further lengthy tub mat, which creates a sort of runway from her bathe to the sink. Hers is from Quiet Town, which “also has really great shower curtains.”

Towel off with a twofer

An enormous plush towel is sweet, however an enormous plush towel that retains you heat and doesn’t simply fall off is even higher—we name it a bathrobe. Julie extremely recommends the one she’s bought from Tekla. “It’s heavy and substantial and a real treat. I remember wishing it was okay to wear bathrobes on Zoom. I’ll sometimes just use that instead of a towel at all.”

Photo by way of ITG.

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