Kathryn Hahn on Cleaning, Her Vintner’s Daughter Devotion and the Text That Told Her She Was Nominated for an Emmy

Kathryn Hahn doesn’t like cleansing, however she likes being on “the other side” of it.

“I actually hate cleaning, it doesn’t bring me joy. But I like a clean space. I like order. I like being able to work in a clean space. I love coming home to a clean space, but it just never happens that way because I have two kids and animals,” the actress—who’s partnering up with vinegar-powered 9 Elements, a line of dwelling cleansing and laundry care merchandise—shared by way of Zoom from Greece, the place she is presently filming.

“I like that there’s two women scientists behind the brand and I like that it simplifies cleaning—you can just wrap your arms around it and know that everything is getting a good, solid, fresh, simple cleaning in one swoop. I also like that there’s no bleach, that it has these two amazing smells, lemon and eucalyptus, and that it’s vinegar-based.”

Another vinegar-based model that will get an A-plus in the 47-year-old’s ebook: Vintner’s Daughter. “I love the brand, both the Serum and the Essence. The products have been game-changers for my skin in terms of hydration. I’ve also used Aquaphor forever and for everything—cuticles, lips, elbows, knees, around my nose during the winter, on planes. I love it.”

While cleansing won’t be on Hahn’s checklist of hobbies, throughout COVID, organizing and purging was. “After the shock and paralysis and the ‘What is happening!’ there was a period of organizing, donating, throwing away and purging of everything. When we realized that we were still in it, we did it again. Then there was the, ‘I can’t stand anything in this house anymore, I’m so sick of these walls.’ Then, we did it again.”

Something else she simply did once more: Earned her second Emmy nomination for her work in WandaVision in the supporting actress class, which she came upon about in a really modern-day approach.

“It was nuts. You never have any expectations at all. I just made a Marvel show—I never in a million years thought that that would lead to that. I just did a really fun out-of-the-box Marvel show with some incredible actors. It was around this time I guess, maybe around 5:30 or 6:00 in the evening here, when the nominations came out and I was on my way home from work. When I got the text from my dear publicist with a bunch of exclamation points, I put it together and figured out that I was nominated.”

Even just a few days later, Hahn admits she’s nonetheless “over the moon.”

“I still cannot believe the company I’m in—I honestly cannot believe any of it. That night, I was luckily able to come home to an Aperol Spritz, and a beautiful sunset and I saw my daughter. It’s one of the most magical nights ever, and I have the best text chain going with my co-stars about it. It was just really, really sweet. I happen to be here doing a movie with Leslie Odom Jr., too, right now; he was nominated for Hamilton, so we were able to celebrate together, which was so fun.”