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Katie Holmes Has Been Wearing These $60 Sneakers All Over NYC

Katie Holmes’ fashion choices are as influential as it gets these days, and I know the reason. Her aesthetic is classic and approachable. She doesn’t usually wear anything that’s overly trendy, but she always looks cool, comfortable, and chic. She still wears trends but she doesn’t live and die by them. If I had to guess, I’d say that people love to know what she’s wearing for these reasons. She’s reflective of how so many women want to dress. So what does all of this have to do with affordable sneakers? I’m getting there.

As I said, Katie Holmes has a lot of influence and is one of those celebrities that can make something sell out overnight. So when she wears a pair of random sneakers and they only cost $60, we might be in store for a new pair of It sneakers. The sneakers in question are Saucony Originals Hornet sneakers, and Holmes has been wearing them all over NYC in recent days. And in keeping with fashion’s penchant for retro sneakers, these first debuted in 1975.

Keep scrolling to see how Katie Holmes has been styling her Saucony Hornet sneakers and shop them for yourself.

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