Kelsea Ballerini on Striking Balance, Appreciating Her Hometown and Her ‘Die-Hard’ Skin-Care Favorites

Kelsea Ballerini on Striking Balance, Appreciating Her Hometown and Her ‘Die-Hard’ Skin-Care Favorites featured image

Country singer-songwriter Kelsea Ballerini has been aptly acknowledged as probably the most influential girls in nation music immediately—however at 27 years outdated, she’s simply getting warmed up. 

In the final six years, Ballerini has already earned two Grammy nominations, received two ACM awards and is at present the youngest member of the Grand Ole Opry. This yr alone, the Knoxville native has collaborated with country-music nice Kenny Chesney on her newest single “Half of My Hometown,” introduced she shall be opening up for the Jonas Brothers on tour this summer time and is gearing as much as co-host subsequent month’s CMT Music Awards. She’s additionally the primary to confess it hasn’t at all times been straightforward.

After releasing her namesake album, Kelsea, “the week the world shut down,” Ballerini had no possibility however to pivot, an motion many people additionally perfected in March of 2020. “I felt so guilty taking up any kind of space when the world was scared and hectic and in the middle of a crisis. But the train had left the station and the album was coming out,” Ballerini tells NewBeauty. Her answer: Do it once more. “I realized that I couldn’t change the circumstances of when I put out the record, but I can always make another one.”

And so six months later got here its companion album, Ballerini, a physique of labor the singer recounts was meant to be concerning the storytelling and lyrics, reasonably than the “boom” of all of it. The 13-track album retells every track from its prequel in a deconstructed, extra intimate style. “I needed something that felt connected. It was my way of falling back in love with a record that I made. Ballerini was made for a living room rather than an arena.”

We sat down with the nation star to speak concerning the significance of putting stability, appreciating your roots and every thing in between.

On discovering stability…

I learned so much about myself this past year. I don’t think I realized how much I thrive in balance. I really love being busy. I love always having forward motion and looking to what’s next, but I think I’ve learned that I can do that better when my roots are deep and watered. And so having time with my husband and my dog, and my mom and my dad and my really close small group of friends, I think has replanted me this last year. And now it’s up to me to keep that balance and keep those roots watered while I start going, going, going again. Because I do owe it to myself and to my dream to give it everything. But I think I do that better when I’m balanced.”

Instagram/Kelsea Ballerini

On rising within the music trade…

“I believe I’m at all times discovering my footing, particularly as a girl, which sounds so oversaid, however it’s simply true. It is more durable, and you must be extra nimble, and you must be sensible, and fast and sharp, and all of the issues. But additionally when it really works, it makes victories sweeter as a result of it’s more durable this fashion.

I believe I’m at all times rising and studying. Over the final two years is once I’ve lastly began feeling assured sufficient in myself as an artist and as a girl to begin standing up for myself in a enterprise sense. For a very long time, I’d be within the room, however I’d be a sponge and I’d study from the fantastic folks round me and I’d pay attention and observe and take psychological notes. And now, I believe I belief my intestine much more and I’ve realized quite a bit. I’ve gone to the best faculty on the earth for music simply by residing it the final six years. And so I belief myself now and I arise for myself and I’ve opinions and I’m not scared to voice them to whoever’s within the room.”

On reconnecting along with her roots…

“I used to be tremendous emotional filming the video for ‘Half of My Hometown.’ We needed it to be the hypothetical story of if I had by no means left my hometown at 15 earlier than I moved to Nashville to strive to do that. And so it’s this actually lovely life, it’s simply not mine. And so it was actually grounding but in addition a very emotional story to inform. 

As I’ve gotten a little bit bit older, I’ve a brand new appreciation for my hometown. When I used to be youthful, all I needed was to go away as a result of I assumed, ‘I can’t do what I wish to do with my life in these metropolis limits, I’ve to go to Nashville.’ I assumed it was holding me again. And so I left. And now that I’m older, each time I am going again, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s why I’m like this.’ You simply perceive a lot extra about your self if you take the time to know the place you’re from. And so I believe I’ve an appreciation for my hometown and my roots greater than I ever have. So to me, that’s the emotional aspect of the track and the video, and then clearly having Kenny [Chesney] on it simply provides one other degree to it. Little me can be so joyful.”

Instagram/Kelsea Ballerini

On constructing confidence…

“I keep in mind once I was 20 or 21 and strolling my first crimson carpets, I used to be so obsessive about how I seemed and needed to make it possible for my physique seemed a sure kind of strategy to match into sure sorts of attire. And I believe a part of that’s simply the girly woman me who likes to dress up and do this, however a part of that was a very large insecurity that I needed to grapple with for a very long time. 

Now, I nonetheless love getting dressed up, however the most effective factor I can do for myself is present up as I’m, and not present up ravenous myself or present up actually sad to get to a sure level you’re feeling a sure method. The stronger I really feel, the extra assured I really feel. I actually attempt to preserve caring for myself and then present up as I’m, and I adore it.”

On her health routine…

“Different things work for different people, so I would never suggest that what worked for me should work for everyone. But I workout with my trainer [Erin Oprea] three times a week, and I’ve worked out with her for six years now, so she’s just a friend of mine at this point. And as much as it is for my body and for my strength, it is so mentally healthy for me to do that. I always feel better and stronger after I do it. I have a SoulCycle bike and that makes me feel really strong. I do that a couple times a week. And then also one thing I learned during the pandemic is if I don’t feel like going to the gym and doing the whole thing, I’ll just take my dog for a walk. And that’s okay, too. I try to do something nice for my body every day, but it doesn’t have to look like crushing it in the gym. It can look like a 15 minute walk with my dog. And that’s okay.”

Twitter/Kelsea Ballerini

On touring with the Jonas Brothers…

“I’m really trying to walk the line between just being an absolute Jonas Brothers fangirl and playing it cool, but there’s no line [laughs]. There have been so many full-circle moments that have happened in my life. This year alone, having Kenny on a song about my hometown where I used to drive around listening to him on the radio, that’s very full circle. Having this tour come about with the Jonas Brothers is another one. There’s a video online of me at 13 submitting a video of why I love them to a contest to meet them—it’s very full circle. And honestly when those things happen, to me, it’s just a sign from God, or the universe, or whatever you believe in, saying you’re on the right path, keep going.”

On her skin-care staples…

I used to essentially not care about my skin-care routine and then I turned 25 and realized I ought to in all probability begin carrying sunscreen [laughs]. I exploit a vitamin C within the morning, I’m fairly spiritual about that. There’s a spot based mostly out of Nashville referred to as SkinPharm, and they’ve an entire line of stuff that I exploit, however they’ve a vitamin C serum referred to as Glow Factor and it’s probably the most potent vitamin C I’ve ever used. You put it on and you’re feeling your pores and skin simply tighten up and get actually glowy and I like glowy pores and skin. So that’s my hero product. I exploit that each morning and I swear by it. 

Then I’ve one other die-hard product from a model referred to as OSEA. They have this hyaluronic acid that, it sounds gross, however has algae or one thing in it. It’s so good. I exploit that twice a day. Then I’ll do a scrub as soon as per week. I do these clarifying pads as soon as a day which have salicylic and glycolic acid in them and I put on sunscreen religiously. I’m fairly loopy about my pores and skin now.” 

Instagram/Kelsea Ballerini

On her go-to make-up look…

“I love a natural, glowy look—the JLo look, if you will. I think it’s a really good marriage of glam and being understated and displaying your natural features, which is kind of my vibe, but at the same time, I love doing a really bold book too. I get to work with amazing hair and makeup artists, and every time we do a look I’ll learn from them and they’ll teach me different tricks and tips and stuff. So whenever I’m on the road and I don’t have one of them with me, I’m able to try to recreate it on myself. And it’s also kind of meditative to me whenever I get to shut the door in the back of the bus and just have that hour to myself to paint my face and listen to music and warm up. It’s just me time. So I think it’s a creative outlet and it’s also just a little bit meditative.”

On her on a regular basis face…

“Dermalogica has this amazing SPF primer. It is literally like a skin blur and it has SPF in it, but it also is like this primer that makes your skin look poreless. So I’ll do that, and then if I have any breakouts, I’ll cover those with a little foundation—I use Charlotte Tilbury. And then I’ll do ILIA blush. It’s a cream stick and looks super natural when it’s blended. And I’ll do some sort of brow gel. I just stopped using eyelash extensions because I’m just trying to give everything a break, so I’ve been using this new mascara from CoverGirl. They just started doing a clean line without using parabens and without testing on animals. It’s amazing. And so they have this mascara that I’ve been obsessed with. And so day-to-day that’s all I really use just to keep it really simple.”

On what’s to return…

“There’s a lot of stuff we haven’t announced yet, but honestly, I’m just going to keep saying yes. I think for so long, I’ve overthought everything and said, ‘Oh my goodness, Do I deserve this?’ And now I’m just owning things and going. Like when I got a call from Kelly Clarkson asking if I would sit in her chair for ‘The Voice’ the next day. It was so major. Years ago I would have been so terrified and probably said no, but I said yes, and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. And so I think I’m just in a season of saying yes and showing up and knowing that I’ve earned that.”

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