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Last Night I Stayed Up Late Watching This

Last Night I Stayed Up Late Watching This

Oh my gosh, I got here throughout this final evening and couldn’t cease watching

America’s Got Talent movies. Here are a number of of the performances that made my jaw drop — have you ever seen them earlier than? These youngsters are bananas.

Roberta Battaglia walks onstage nervous and humble — however take heed to that voice open up!

Jeffrey Li’s has the voice of an angel. Also, his dad and mom’ nervous expressions inform such a love story.

Courtney Hadwin appears shy and shaky, however as soon as the music begins, she turns into Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger’s love little one.

Bohemian Rhapsody such as you’ve by no means heard it earlier than, by Norwegian 13-year-old (!) Angelina Jordan.

Thomas Day’s crooning is gorgeous, however the extra hilarious factor is how the digicam retains zooming in on the ladies within the viewers. All the smoldering gazes!

Have you seen these? Aren’t they wonderful? What are your late-night obsessions lately?

P.S. My dorky new passion, and what are your random turn-ons?

(Photo by William Lovelace / Stringer © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS/Corbis by way of Getty Images)

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