Laverne Cox Shares Her Best Anti-Aging Tips, Makeup Essentials and How She Stays Balanced

She’s a path blazer, an award-winning actress, an LGBTQ+ advocate and now a voice of therapeutic by way of her podcast The Laverne Cox Show, the place she explores well timed points that get right down to the center of the human expertise. “A lot of it is about the stage I am at in my own life and what happens when you get older, wanting to be here longer, and how to be psychologically or emotionally well enough to be a better person.”

For the 48-year-old who stars in Netflix’s upcoming Inventing Anna, doing deep dives on matters like disgrace, courting after 40 and fats phobia has helped her navigate her personal religious and emotional journey whereas inspiring others to take theirs. “My first episode with Brené Brown was incredible, and she’s been a huge part of my healing with her work on shame and vulnerability, so getting to sit down with her felt really special for me. She has been motivating people to do the work for a long time, and I believe that right now, when there is so much social and political discord, we need to start with our own internal healing before we can come together collectively.”

The recommendation I might give to my youthful self:

“Everything happens for a reason. What is happening right now, even though it may be frustrating, even though you might feel awful and like you may not make it through, this is all for a reason and there are lessons in all of this. So, you’re on the right track and there is a plan in place that is being activated by an energy and power that is greater than you. You’re on the right path, so just keep doing what you’re doing.”

The magnificence recommendation I want I had adopted:

“Never, ever, ever bleach your own hair. Back in the day I used to do those microbraids that Beyoncé had in Destiny’s Child. I would wear them blonde or with a slightly dark root. One time I bleached my hair myself, and as I was washing out the bleach, my hair came out with it. I also burned my scalp. It was really traumatizing. So don’t ever do that! It was a painful lesson.”

My greatest anti-aging suggestions:

“Sometimes I think I should be getting more rigorous with my skin care as I get older, but then I’m afraid of doing too much. I do use eye cream now, but my routine is to moisturize and stay out of the sun. I think about doing more peels and facials, but I have a lot of other things to think about, too.”

A yr 2000 throwback picture of Cox carrying her signature Destiny’s Child microbraids. “I was also really into those midriff-baring low-rise jeans, but I was really skinny then. That was the look.”

How I keep balanced:

“I made some really intense decisions around my health last year, just because I want to be here on the planet. I worked really hard on my overall health and well-being. For me, self-love is really about the actions that you take toward practicing it. It’s how I treat myself. Like today, I’m so busy, but I can turn around and look outside and appreciate my view and really take it in and let it land in my body and my nervous system. Take in the moment with gratitude. These are the things that I’m doing by making deliberate choices to act differently. I’m really proud of that.”

Makeup necessities I’d take with me on a desert island:

“My bare minimum is pressed powder.I like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish ($37) and I usually use two different shades. I always need a good brow, so an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pencil ($23) and then some Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara ($21). It coats and plumps up every lash.”

Three issues everybody ought to do as soon as:

“First, great sex with the partner of your dreams is one thing everyone should have at least once. I’m also in a love affair with New York City right now, so going to see a beautiful view and experiencing the energy of the city is something everyone should do. And then being proud of something you’ve done in life that gives you that feeling of accomplishment or of having made a difference—I think everyone should know that feeling.”

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