Lingerie Brand La Perla Launches Beauty Collection — Photos, Interview

I stand very confidently behind my perception that lingerie does not need to be worn only for a companion. Sex or no intercourse, there’s nothing just like the luxurious slip of a silky camisole in opposition to the pores and skin or the picture of 1’s self wrapped up like a gift in lace (or latex, or leather-based, or no matter you are into). Wearing a tantalizing get-up could be simply as titillating while you’re completely alone. La Perla, one of many world’s most notable intimates manufacturers, has infused that very thrill into its personal cosmetics assortment known as La Perla Beauty. So, beginning quickly, you can take that fancy, risqué feeling with you wherever you go. 

The assortment, obtainable within the United States beginning July, consists of 4 body-care merchandise, 9 fragrances, and 5 make-up merchandise for the lips and eyes. As you’ll be able to think about, they’re fairly rattling luxurious by way of packaging and method. As La Perla Beauty’s formulator, Les Smith, tells Allure, that is as a result of the model has intensely excessive ingredient requirements. “Our ultra prestige position gives us the flexibility to use the highest quality of materials,” he explains. We’ll get extra into that in a minute.

But for now, see a breakdown of the total La Perla Beauty line, under.


La Perla Beauty Soothing Bath & Shower Oil on gray background

La Perla Beauty Soothing Bath & Shower Oil

La Perla Beauty Nourishing Body Balm on gray background

La Perla Beauty Nourishing Body Balm

La Perla Beauty Firming Body Lotion Serum on white background

La Perla Beauty Firming Body Lotion Serum

La Perla Beauty Energizing Salts & Oil Body Scrub on white background

La Perla Beauty Energizing Salts & Oil Body Scrub

La Perla’s body-care gadgets — together with a bathe oil, physique scrub, physique serum, and cream — deliver some heavy hitters to the plate relating to skin-care elements. For instance, the Nourishing Body Balm incorporates a silky mixture of coconut oil and shea butter, in the meantime, jojoba oil provides the Soothing Bath & Shower Oil its moisturizing really feel.

They all share one widespread thread, as Smith highlights. “We have skin-care products enriched with prebiotic materials, which provide significant skin benefits,” he says. Prebiotics, if you do not know, encourage the expansion of sure micro organism strains (don’t fret, solely the nice ones). 

As New York City board-certified dermatologist Whitney Bowe beforehand defined to Allure, “some prebiotics encourage specific healthy strains of bacteria, and others increase the diversity of the bacteria on your skin, which is really important. When you remove that diversity, that’s when you see problems like rosacea, acne, fine lines, and discoloration.”

All that scientific stuff apart, you’ll be able to’t deny the curb attraction of that frilly, hyper-detailed packaging (that are all refillable, by the best way).


la perla beauty signature fragrance on gray background

La Perla Beauty Signature

la perla beauty my day fragrance on gray background

If there’s one product Smith might put above all of the others, it is the model’s “striking” new signature perfume, La Perla. A brilliant but devilish mix of citrus, violet, and neroli, it reveals a number of olfactory layers because the hours move. “The profile of this fragrance is perfect from the initial impact, noticeability, sillage — or its trail — and long lastingness,” Smith boasts. With that shiny black bottle and spherical, pearlescent cap, the connection of the perfume to the model’s best-selling lingerie is evident as day.

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