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Korean Beauty Products For A Korean Skincare Routine

In other words, Korean brands have officially upgraded the standards for the global skin care industry โ€” and if we are honest, so have our personal standards. For starters, double cleansing has changed our skin forever.               You should also read Egyptian Makeup Influencing Our Beauty Rituals


Thread Lifts, The New Instagram Fashion

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2020 is the year of thread lifts, apparently. For the sole purpose of Instagram… Have you questioned how the F everybody on Instagram appears to own the exact same face? Big eyes, plump lips, thin nose, pointy chinโ€”all mistily similar to a Hadid/Kardashian/Jenner mashup? The answer has, traditionally, been FaceTune. Or one among the hundred different photo-editing apps that may tuck and blur your face into one thing kind of,…