Mark Tuan on Experimenting With His Solo Aesthetic and Skin Care | Interview

Mark Tuan on Experimenting With His Solo Aesthetic and Skin Care | Interview

“When I got back, I was trying to find the right tattoo artist and just liked his work,” Tuan remembers. “It’s not too dark; It’s soft and strong. So I reached out to him, and his assistant got time in for me.” Dr. Woo labored his magic for a dove and olive branches on the again of Tuan’s forearm. “It signifies a new beginning, hope, and freedom,” Tuan reveals. 

Most of Tuan’s tattoo maintain related messages of motivation and affirmation for him. First, he mentions the phrases “stay true” and “be real” inscribed above every knee because the tattoos that imply probably the most to him. (They additionally barely ever on full show.) “That is a phrase that I want to keep to myself,” he explains earlier than pausing, reluctant to verbalize that he is well-known. We are each absolutely conscious that he, in actual fact, is, and has 10.6 million Instagram followers to show it. Instead, he chooses to utter, “Now that you’re famous, a lot of people change and they let things get to them. I always want to be true to myself, and I don’t want the fame to get to me.” 

Next, Tuan factors to the Korea’s nationwide flower, the hibiscus, delicately adorning the again of his bicep. “I thought it would be a good, meaningful tattoo,” he says. “I started out my career in Korea. I’ve gained a lot in Korea, so I got that on me.”

From there, I ask Tuan in regards to the smiley face smack dab on the middle of his kneecap. “That one was just something fun,” he states via chuckling. I inform Tuan that I, too, have tattoos with no which means, only for vibes. Tuan mentions he has a butterfly on his calf for a similar purpose. There’s nothing deep behind it in addition to the truth that the angled placement seems to be cool when he is sporting shorts. 

Tattoos are like stamps from my previous, I muse. I’ll not like a few of them proper now, however I do know I did at one level in my life. Tuan agrees with the primary half, however, “I don’t think I have a tattoo that I don’t like. I want to live my life with no regrets,” he shares. 

Tuan takes a second to suppose earlier than getting misplaced in a message that might apply to each side of his life proper now. “I just do what I want. If it makes me happy, it’ll make me happy,” Tuan says. “At the end of the day, you have to live for yourself pretty much. You should be happy because if you’re not happy then, you won’t enjoy anything you do.”

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