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Reasons To Improve Your Posture

Reasons To Improve Your Posture

Reasons To Improve Your Posture

One of the frustrating realities of everyday life is how often there can be too much of a good thing. One slice of chocolate cake is great, but eating the entire cake is something we’ll pay for. Overexerting ourselves at the gym can take us out of commission for days. Even working from home can be too much of a good thing. Letting ourselves get too comfortable can end up making us uncomfortable in the long run.

The sedentary nature of desk jobs was already covertly hard on our bodies but hunching over a laptop at an ersatz desk setup or trying to work from bed can only make white-collar work hurt more. If working from home has left you feeling more tired, achy, and ill at ease than it should, poor posture habits over the past year may be to blame. There are numerous reasons to improve your posture, which you can do from home just as easily as you flip open your laptop each morning.

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

If you look in the mirror and see yourself with poor posture, you’ll feel worse about yourself—even if there’s no one else around, you’re not putting the best version of yourself forward. Conversely, if you maintain good posture by standing up straight while staying relaxed, you’re sure to find yourself in a better mood. Whether that manifests itself as more confidence, higher productivity, or both, you’re sure to benefit from keeping your head held high—literally.

Reduce Back Pain

Poor posture doesn’t just hurt your appearance—it just plain hurts. All that slouching and slumping can leave you with chronic back pain, an unnecessary complication to your already busy life. Improving your posture won’t make your back pain disappear overnight, but it will put you on the right path to pain relief. Don’t forget to work on relieving your pain while you address its root cause.

Breathe Better

Improved posture can even help you breathe. Poor posture compresses your lungs, meaning you aren’t getting all the oxygen you could get when you’re slouching, listing, or otherwise not optimizing your body position. Try doing some breathing exercises while you sit up straight and see whether you can tell if you’re enjoying more lung capacity.

Fewer Digestive Complications

Not only can improved posture aid your breathing, but it may also aid your digestion. One of the best reasons to improve your posture is to make digestion a gentler process. By not compressing your stomach and intestines as you work, you can cut down on painful stomach cramps and even incidences of acid reflux. Dropping the head while working can put undue pressure on the esophagus, which can contribute to GERD.

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