RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey-Hill on the New ‘Housewives All-Stars’ Show and Her Anti-Aging Secrets

RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey-Hill on the New ‘Housewives All-Stars’ Show and Her Anti-Aging Secrets featured image

Season 13 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta could also be over, however the women on the present proceed to make headlines, together with Cynthia Bailey-Hill, who’s recent off a visit to Turks and Caicos the place she simply filmed an upcoming Real Housewives All Stars spin-off present. 

A bit of greater than six months after her televised nuptials, the newlywed star is moving into the groove of married life with husband Mike Hill and collaborating with Seagram’s Escapes for the new drink of the summer time. Here, the 54-year-old mannequin and entrepreneur takes a second to talk with NewBeauty on how she stays calm by the TV-show chaos and how she continues to glow by all of it.  

We like to ask individuals what their desert island magnificence product is and you simply got here from Turks & Caicos. What merchandise did must take with you?

“I definitely had to bring a good body oil. When you’re on an island, your skin gets very dry with the sun and salt water and all of the activities that includes, so definitely a good moisturizer a good body moisturizer.”

Of all of your All Stars castmates—which incorporates Luann de Lesseps, Ramona Singer, Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, Kyle Richards and Kenya Moore—who spent the most time in glam and who was prepared the quickest?

“Luann definitely got ready the fastest because she’s not a big glam girl. When she’s doing her cabaret shows, yes, but normally she’s just one of those throw a hat or sunglasses on kind of people. She has impeccable style; it just didn’t really take her much time at all. I will probably say everybody else took some time, so I’m not going to call one person out. I think we all use our full hour, but I will say I didn’t it didn’t take as much time as some of the other ladies because I was smart enough to go with braids.”

RHOA had a standout season and it actually touched on every little thing that’s occurred in the final yr. What was it like getting again to work after quarantine?

“I did not miss quarantine. It was great to get out of quarantine. I enjoyed the beginning stages with my family because it was the first time the whole world just sat down. Between myself and my husband, we have girls from ages 18 to 21. So they kind of have their own lives and schedules going on, so to get everybody together at one time was always very challenging. But when the pandemic hit, we were all right here together and it was a beautiful thing. Until it wasn’t, right? So when it was time to get back out into the world a little bit, it was great. It was a huge blessing to spend that time together, but I did miss work and I missed traveling once I watched everything on Netflix.” 

Then you had the well-known 10.10.20 marriage ceremony. Those earrings are iconic. I believe they’re up there with the pal contract and belong in the WWHL Clubhouse. 

“Actually, you know Bravo Con is coming, so I’ll see if they want them for that. They had my friend contract there and my red reunion dress from the Barcelona-themed one.” 

Were you in a position to do any bridal prep with so many issues being shut down or unavailable? 

“Because I had my wedding during COVID, that kind of took over the wedding, so a lot of the little things that I would have done that a bride usually is concerned with—like the food and, you know, all the details—I ended up being more focused on making sure that it was as COVID-19 safe as we could possibly make it. But I will say that was probably the calmest day of my life. I just woke up, gave it up to God, and I got to really just be present in that day. We weren’t able to film the actual wedding, my videographer filmed, and Bravo was able to use some footage to show what the day was like. My cast was very gracious, they all came, and everybody looked beautiful and was so supportive. It was perfect. When you put that date together, it’s 20-20, which is perfect vision. Our mantra is, ‘we’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other,’ and we get to carry that into our years of being married.” 

We noticed you open The Bailey Wine Cellar this season. Is that what led to you making your personal drink with Seagram’s?

“That was actually in the works before, but now it does seem like a natural fit. They gave me the choice to come up with any flavor that I wanted, and I felt peach was a good choice as we’re known for holding our peaches and peach is a flavor I love. The crazy thing is my husband hates peach anything. It’s been an amazing partnership and we’ve done so many great things together from our women’s empowerment tour, which we’ve had to do digitally due to COVID. They also created a holiday marketplace for black-owned businesses that were hit really hard during the pandemic. We were able to give $10,000 grants to three amazing black-owned businesses. Just to be able to support these businesses was great. I really felt that it was important to give back during 2020.”

You’ve been a Real Housewife for 11 years now, but you might be eternally younger. What do you do for anti-aging?

“My biggest secret is that I actually come from some pretty amazing-looking women. My grandmother, my mom, they both had those high cheekbones and great skin. They aged really, really well. So, I come from some pretty good stock, number one. Number two is that I definitely try to treat myself to a facial at least once a month. If I can get one twice a month, I think that that’s really good. I don’t commit to one product; I like to try different things. People send me stuff all the time and if I like something, I’m like hey this really works. I like to switch it up. I’m non-committal when it comes to products. I am a little bit of a product whore, so I get around.”

Are you a thick moisturizer or a face oil individual?

“Thick! I like it thick, and I like it oily. I like a good grease down. I like to feel it on my face, and I like the glow that it has. I always make sure that when I moisturize my face I include my neck and my ears. A lot of people forget about the ears. And then whatever’s left over, I always make sure to use on my hands as well.”

There are loads of chaotic moments on and off the present and you all the time appear to remain level-headed by all of it. How do you keep grounded?

“I was raised to be that way, honestly. And you know, as a reality star one of the things that I really wanted to do when I came on the show was to just be me. I didn’t want to change and be somebody else and turn into this crazy reality-star person. So, if it’s not in my character to do something or respond a certain way, I just won’t do it. If I mess up and do something wrong or something that I don’t feel comfortable about, I’m very comfortable apologizing and having that grown-woman conversation and moving on. I don’t have the energy or the spirit to just be mad at people or mean to people. Some of the relationships that I’ve had on the show, when they come to an end or we fall out or whatever, I’m not the kind of girl that’s going to drag people on social media. Even if they drag me, I just let them drag, and I just sit over here at peace. My character is very important to me. Who I am on and off this show matters to me, it matters to my girls, and it matters to my husband. I really do live on a lake; I really did drive, until recently, my little 2016 Land Rover because there was nothing wrong with it. I think being authentic is one of the reasons why people can relate to me.”

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