Should SPF Always Be A Supporting Actor?

Should SPF Always Be A Supporting Actor?

We’re residing in a golden age of sunscreen; any magnificence aisle will let you know as a lot. The choices have expanded exponentially, the safety components are a lot improved, and formulation are higher, er, formulated. You can put on an SPF serum, an SPF basis, an SPF eyeshadow, lip balm, setting spray, scalp moisturizer, hand cream… But on that be aware I’ve a query: do you truly put on any of these non conventional sunscreens? I’ll go first with a convincing no.

Call me old-fashioned, however I like my SPF like I like my espresso: unadulterated and barely overpriced. My sunscreen at all times follows my moisturizer (or serum) and precedes any make-up software. Add-ons like antioxidants and tints are superb, as long as they are not the primary present; i.e. I want an SPF with vitamin C and never a vitamin C ampule with SPF, if that is sensible. To me, if a sunscreen is a part of say, a serum, then I begin to marvel concerning the serum. Is it any good? Why does it want an SPF? Is SPF even agreeable with no matter concentrated ingredient the serum provides? Makeup drums up a special fear. Will the colour oxidize because it’s combined with SPF? (In my expertise, basis with SPF tends to tackle an orange tinge.) Not to say the query of why does make-up want SPF in any respect? Surely I’ll by no means pile on sufficient SPF-laced blush to fulfill the edge of ample safety.

Sunscreen utilized over my on a regular basis moisturizer or serum is simply less complicated to me. It’s my tried-and-true each day observe that I do know I can’t screw up. But perhaps I’m alone right here—what say you? Are you into SPF exhibiting up in other forms of merchandise? Tell me if I’m behind the instances!

—Ashley Weatherford

Photo by way of ITG

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