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10 March Nail Ideas You Must Try

3 min read

I`ve always been sooo crazy about nails. I have tried almost every style and shape, with or without a pattern, glow in the dark, heat-activated and so on. The same goes for shape or length, as long as it allowed me to wipe or type. That is one thing we don`t want to call assistance for. After all this time, I realized how such a small thing like a nail…


2020 Nails Trend – The Nail Trends You’ll See Everywhere

4 min read

You can forget about chipped nails in 2020 – I want better for you. Actually, it is time to step up your nail art game all the way; life’s too light for a boring manicure, you know? Think to the number of times you have worn the nail color that is on your nails right now. Exactly. A lot of times. An entirely new decade means an entirely new outlook….