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waterproof mascara
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Waterproof Mascara, Cry Your Eyes Out

Best Waterproof Mascara That Won’t Smudge, Flake, or Run [dropcap custom_class=”whb”]Waterproof mascara is rather an ambiguous term. Like, sure, it’s excellent for keeping your lashes intact on your sweaty commute. However, once it comes to removal, things will get a liiiittle tough (read: when not to wear it). That doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy to wear …

thread lifts
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Thread Lifts, The New Instagram Fashion

2020 is the year of thread lifts, apparently. For the sole purpose of Instagram… Have you questioned how the F everybody on Instagram appears to own the exact same face? Big eyes, plump lips, thin nose, pointy chin—all mistily similar to a Hadid/Kardashian/Jenner mashup? The answer has, traditionally, been FaceTune. Or one among the hundred …