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high waisted jeans
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High Waist Jeans for Women, It`s On!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Some time ago I thought I won`t ever wear high waist jeans. In high school, wearing low-rise jeans with a 1-inch crotch was the naive mode of trying to be cool. The thought of buttoning pants up to your belly button was definitely the opposite. Well, folks, the days and …

Kick Ass Office Outfits To Wear In 2020

Kick ass office outfits to wear in 2020

Ok, so 2020 has arrived. Booo! We are one year older, which sucks. But, with the new year around the corner, it`s time to plan something greater than what was cool back in 2019. Vacations and parties are long gone so, with a kick in the arse it is time to get back on track …