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2020 beauty trends
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Biggest Makeup Trends in 2020

Since 2020 will be here, we eventually feel like we are able to easily say it: 2019 was a landmark year for beauty. We watched the rise of imperfect and experimental eye makeup, largely because of what we love to call the Euphoria Effect. Because of the hit HBO show, and its makeup artists as …

How To Meditate On Planes, Trains, And Cars
Beauty, Wellness

How to Meditate on Planes, Trains, and Cars

While the explosion of the health movement has yielded a breadth of cortisol lowering offerings, any expert will emphasize. Nothing wards off stress as effectively as meditation. But, that has the time? remains an acceptable excuse for a lot of with endless to-dos and a go-go-go schedule. Nevertheless, some shift in perspective on what it …