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Fashion Game – Ease The Style Crave in Quarantine

3 min read

Quarantine and social isolation have not changed much. It still sucks. No more fashion week, no more events covered in style. Until those babies are back, a good idea would be to have your own fashion empire. Start virtual with some cool fashion game. I never played these before but I did my homework! And in the entire pandemic crisis, it actually seems like a good idea. I have narrowed…


What To Do When Bored And Stuck At Home In Quarantine

2 min read

Clear out some stuff – and give it away to charity The entire world is in pain right now. So first thing first: help others as much as you can. When all this will be over, if you turn up plenty of clothes and other objects in good nick that you don’t want anymore, make sure to start a giveaway pile to donate to a charity. There will be a…