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Biggest Makeup Trends in 2020

5 min read

Since 2020 will be here, we eventually feel like we are able to easily say it: 2019 was a landmark year for beauty. We watched the rise of imperfect and experimental eye makeup, largely because of what we love to call the Euphoria Effect. Because of the hit HBO show, and its makeup artists as well as actors, we saw avant-garde eyeliner, impactful eye shadow, and colorful glitter everywhere. We…


Why You Should Keep a Giant Water Bottle at Your Desk

2 min read

Because of water, I could win the office superlative for “most obnoxious.” I lug my half gallon water bottle around with me, swinging it around like a small purse. I often have a 14-inch metal straw to complement its portly silhouette. If you are the coworker of mine, you’ve most likely seen this toddler size water cooler clutched in the hand of mine before you see me. It truly has…


Tattoo Inspiration for 2020

3 min read

There are plenty of tattoo alternatives available, as well as the possibilities continue to grow if and when you choose to design your very own ink. As 2020 is on the horizon, think of the new year as a time to obtain that tattoo you have always wanted. Maybe upgrade an old-style you have outgrown or try out a brand new artist. There are many tattoo related possibilities looming on…