Tallulah Willis Says She Punished Herself About Resemblance to Her Father

Tallulah Willis Says She Punished Herself About Resemblance to Her Father featured image

Imagine being born to two of essentially the most notable faces on the planet. For the Willis sisters, daughters of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, this could imply a lifetime of being in contrast to their celebrity dad and mom. For the youngest Willis, the now 27-year-old Tallulah, these comparisons to well-known father Bruce proved to be an excessive amount of and she or he’s just lately shared how they’ve affected her long run. 

In a put up about getting old and self-acceptance, Willis says always being informed she seemed extra like her father than her mom was very damaging for her shallowness.

“I punished myself for not looking like my mom, after being told I was BW twin since birth— I resented the resemblance as I believed wholly my ‘masculine’ face was the sole reason for my unlovability— FALSE!” she wrote. “I was/am inherently valuable and worthy, at any life stage, at any size, with any hair do! (As are you)”.

To transfer previous her emotions, Willis says, “You need to soothe the wound within your soul before trying to ‘fix’ the outsides.” 

She goes on to warning, “Be mindful of the special and impressionable minds around you and their access to social media and potential triggering imagery or the indicators that hyper-focusing on one’s appearance goes deeper than just wanting to feel good in their own skin.”

Willis shares some useful ideas for instances she’s gotten by way of what she calls a “Bod Spiral.” Included in her recommendations are happening a social media break, going for a stroll and listening to music, studying a e book and taking a shower and/or having a self-care second by moisturizing with physique oil. “My favorite is Tata Harper Skincare, but I also love Gold Bond Ultimate Diabetics’ Dry Skin Relief lotion,” she shared.

The insightful put up garnered a whole lot of likes and feedback by followers who beloved her vulnerability and openness, with lots of them sharing their very own struggles with detrimental self-talk. Mom Demi’s remark stated it greatest when she merely acknowledged: “Beautifully Realized, Beautifully Expressed, Beautiful to Witness.”

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