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The 25 Things I Wear the Most As a Fashion Editor Living in the South

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one Who What Wear team member or friend of the brand will share the top 25 fashion and beauty finds on their current wish list.

For a little context, I moved from Los Angeles to Raleigh, NC nearly six years ago, and have been a remote editor ever since. It feels a little odd to be writing about fashion in a non-fashion city, but that’s what we have the internet and social media for, right? Living in the South has influenced my wardrobe in some ways but not in others. I can’t say that I’m afraid to try certain trends but it is pretty low-key down here, and I spend more of my shopping budget on casual pieces as a result. I also work from home full-time, so I shop a lot less for office clothes and a lot more for loungewear and accessories.

The weather in North Carolina is kind of all over the map—you certainly get all four seasons here. So I really had to expand my wardrobe upon moving here from sunny California. When shopping for clothes and accessories, I look for versatile pieces that can be worn a majority of the year and that can be dressed up or down. I also travel a good bit during normal times, so that’s a factor in what I shop for as well. All in all, these pieces are the ones I reach for the most because they’re stylish and easy-to-wear. Scroll to shop them for your own wardrobe, no matter where you reside.

This is often the perfect weight for the South.

Since I spend a lot of time in leggings, I want them to be good. Everlane’s are great.

When it’s 100 degrees, a breezy dress (i.e. allows for airflow) is essential. I love Ciao Lucia’s, which always make me feel like I’m on vacation.

You already know and love these, and Nordstrom has them in stock now.

This is one of my favorite white T-shirts. It fits great and isn’t too sheer.

Relaxed jeans feel right in the South, so I’ve stocked up on plenty since I made the move.

Everyone loves Levi’s Ribcage jeans, including me.

If the fall and spring, I often wear this oversized blazer as a jacket.

I love wearing this shirt with leggings and sweat shorts to dress them up a bit.

I don’t feel the need to only carry tiny bags in the South, so I tote this bag around all summer.

It’s a thing of beauty, really.

These slippers feel like cozy shoes with the substantial sole, which makes them perfect house shoes.

I’m always on the hunt for cool gold earrings that aren’t hoops. These are my current favorites.

No more short shorts for me, but I still love denim shorts and wear them regardless of if they’re cool or not.

It’s hot in the South, so lots of shorts are needed. This pair fits so well and is a nice change from denim.

I’ve tried a lot of sweat shorts but these are the most comfortable, hands down.

I’m convinced these affordable sunglasses would be flattering on anyone.

Since moving here, I’ve learned that I’m a Birkenstocks girl.

I love wearing Gucci logo socks with sneakers and loafers, but any logo socks will do.

My WFH attire often includes a comfortable pullover, often from Donni.

I love this vibey hat, which has been glued to my head as of late. I can’t explain it but baseball caps always make me feel a little cuter.

I don’t even know why I bother buying other scarves. This is the only one I reach for. (Bonus: It makes a great wrap on planes.)

My favorite loafers, which I’ve probably walked hundreds of miles in (with nary a blister) at this point.

Next up, 25 spring buys for if you have expensive taste but a tight budget.

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