The Chemical Peel and Caviar Combo Sophia Ali Says “Really Works”

Cher in Clueless. Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw. Serena Van Der Woodsen, Rachel Green and Fran Fine (to add a few more). There’s a long list of female characters who are so fashion-forward and beauty-obsessed, that, even though the practical side of our brains know it’s some well-portrayed acting, we want to take a look in their stocked closets and corresponding medicine cabinets. The newest addition to the list: Sophia Ali’s “stranded-but-chic” Fatin on Amazon Prime Video’s The Wilds—a Lost-meets-Lord of the Flies female-fueled tale of survival that was met with the pressing “when-will-season-two-be-available?” question this streaming season. We recently caught up with Ali, who shared some serious skin-care secrets from the Australian set, as well as what she knows about the next installment.

You are very beauty-obsessed in The Wilds. Are you similar to Fatin in “real” life?
I like to experiment and create different makeup looks and hair styles. It’s fun and expressive. I wouldn’t say I’m quite Fatin’s level of beauty-obsessed. I still prefer a fresh face.    

Do you have any go-to products used on-set?
I do a chemical peel some nights to remove blemishes and a caviar cream during the day. I know it sounds weird to put caviar on your skin, but it works! Recently, I’ve also been digging red eyeshadow. 

What have you been doing wellness-wise during COVID?
I try and work out regularly. But what I really love is a good brain workout. It’s not active or nutritious, but challenging myself with something new—learning Photoshop, languages, video-editing—almost makes me feel healthier than lifting weights. It’s like the brain is still a muscle that needs a run.  

Can you share anything about what viewers can look forward to in Season 2?
I’m still not even entirely sure what’s going to happen! I’m just as excited and anxious with anticipation as the viewers are. I can definitley say, from what I’ve been able to read so far, it’s intense and the stakes somehow get even higher.

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