restaurant pizza friends

When we’re going to a restaurant with buddies or kin, I’ve just one request…

Four to six ought to be the utmost variety of folks. More than six folks doesn’t work.

If you’ve greater than six, the dialog will get damaged up. If one aspect of the desk laughs uproariously, the opposite aspect instantly feels boring. You can’t actually share plates, and splitting the test will get complicated. The group is simply too giant. *shakes fist*

A bunch of 4 to six, however, gels superbly. You can have one dialog with the entire group. Everyone feels included. Logistics are straightforward. The most epic nights are at all times with 4 to six!

I’ve stated this perpetually, so it made me snigger to see comic Matt Buechele make the identical argument. Here’s his track:

Four to six folks! It’s a hill I’ll die on!

P.S. A restaurant shock I’m nonetheless fascinated by 20 years later, and operating into my ex-boyfriend.

(Photo by Lior + Lone/Stocksy.)