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Time to Update Your Underwear Drawer: 20 Pairs That Say “I’m an Adult”

If anything in my life is a cry for help, it’s always been my underwear drawer. Let’s just say that when it comes to things I feel compelled to buy, my underwear sit on the back burner of my priority list for a little too long (read: way, way, way too long). For a while, things were so bad that I had some pairs that had experienced the wrath of my senior-year-of-college dryer, which had a knack for getting thongs stuck in the sides and ripping holes in them. And for a while? If things were really bad (I needed to do laundry), I reached for them.

But when I recently threw out a few pairs of my years-old five-for-$25 Victoria’s Secret thongs for some fully intact, slogan-free new pairs, I realized that hey, underwear can make you feel good, and putting them on every day instead of a ratty old pair actually made me feel better overall (who knew?). It’s 2021, and no adult woman should be wearing a pair of underwear that saw her college days.

If it’s time for you to upgrade your underwear drawer too, there’s no better place to start than with these—I promise, you’ll thank yourself every time you get dressed.



Microfiber Thong

2 colors available


Comfort Stretch Bikini

8 colors available

Calvin Klein

Cotton Boyshort

4 colors available

Hanky Panky

5-Pack Thongs

2 color sets available


Cotton Bikini

2 colors available

Hanky Panky

Low-Rise Thong

10+ colors available


Everyday Cotton Thong

10+ colors available

b.temptd by Wacoal

Lace Thong


Sieve Thong

10 colors available


Modal Thong

3 colors available


Fits Everbody Thong

10+ colors available

Carmel Cantina

6-Pack Boyshorts

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