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Tips for Developing a Home Aesthetic

Tips for Developing a Home Aesthetic

A home with no defined aesthetic can quickly descend into chaos, even in subtle ways. Slowly, and bit by bit, each room falls further from one another on the décor front as countless feckless attempts are made to improve each room individually. Instead of trying to make each room an individual, consider these tips for developing a home aesthetic to add some cohesion into your home and life.

Start with a Foundation Piece

Each room in your home has a piece of furniture that is the focal point or the defining character. For example, in the bedroom it is usually a bed. A table is an example of a foundational piece in a dining room. Every room has one. The first step to develop your home’s cohesive aesthetic is picking each piece and ensuring they are the same basic style.

Not every piece of furniture needs to match exactly, but if your bed has a wooden headboard, then wood in a similar style or stain for your dining table could help add some cohesion.

Explore and Experiment with Design Styles

There are many popular design styles out there, so choose a few and get acquainted with them. Trying out different styles before committing to an entire house aesthetic is essential.

As you experiment, remember that the trial-and-error phase is meant for exploration and self-discovery.

Minimize Clutter

In any aesthetic, the cohesion and intention of the design will only shine through if clutter isn’t pulling the focus away. Decluttering a home and ridding it of all unnecessary junk or items you never use has countless benefits, including:

  • Your space will feel bigger
  • You will feel more at ease and calm at home
  • Your aesthetic will shine through the home

A home aesthetic is beneficial for your emotional and mental wellness as cohesion and calmness will flow through your house. These tips for developing a home aesthetic will help you start your journey to finding your true style.

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