Two Sisters, Two Chemical Peels: How We Treated Our Melasma Mustaches

Two Sisters, Two Chemical Peels: How We Treated Our Melasma Mustaches featured image

Last Spring my sister and I had been exterior having fun with the sunny climate and slathering on the SPF once we began to check the hyperpigmentation that was cropping up on our faces. We each had the same concern—the realm above our lips appeared darker than the remainder of our faces, leaving us with a complexion that was trying extra like our father than our mom. This is when the time period “Melasma Mustache” made its approach into my vocabulary.   

I realized shortly that whereas the solar and warmth may result in a flare up and darkening of my higher lip, the most effective offense was a superb protection, and my SPF utility grew to become vigilant. And whereas solar publicity is one a part of the melasma puzzle, hormone shifts, and genetics are additionally main contributors to skin-tone modifications. This explains why my sister and I, each in our 40s, had been experiencing the identical downside across the identical time. 

As we each adjusted our skin-care routines, I realized that in-office chemical peels may additionally assist resurface pores and skin to assist lighten the problematic space. The chemical resolution causes the highest layer of pores and skin to shed, eradicating with it the undesirable melanin inflicting the darkish patches. So, my older sister Lydia and I set out on a plan to place down the concealer. Here, two sisters strive two totally different chemical peels to see if we are able to eliminate our matching Melasma stashes.  

Lydia Before and After a Surplexion Chemical Peel

Sister #1: 47-years-old

Concerns: Dark spots, fantastic traces and growing older pores and skin

Peel: Surplexion Complexion Code Mask Depigmentation Peel  

Treatment Time: half-hour in-office and two weeks of at-home care

Ingredients: Salicylic Acid, Azelaic acid, Resorcinol, Malic Acid, Retinol Propionate, Hyaluronic Acid and Phytic Acid

Process: Me2Beauty aesthetician Ileana Moreno selected this peel for Lydia as a result of her melasma was mild and the downtime was quick. “This is a great peel for those who don’t want to go through the 10–12-hour processing time as well as the post downtime with peeling. With Surplexion, processing is 20 minutes plus an additional 20 for another layer over chronic areas. There is also less peeling and irritation.” Because the peel is gentler, follow-up care included an at-home lightening remedy plan to proceed to enhance outcomes gently over time.  

Results: “My skin never peeled off like in a traditional peel, but I loved that I could still get results without publicly shedding my skin. I kept up my treatment at home with few a steps in the morning and night for about a week after. I could see my results continue to develop over time and my skin became brighter and my dark spots started to fade. The area above my lip that usually gets the darkest lightened up significantly, which was the goal. But the overall glow I got was a bonus. My skin really needed it.” —Lydia Jimenez

Tatiana Before and After a VI Derm Peel

Sister #2: 43-years-old

Concerns: Dark patches above the higher lip

Peel: VI Peel Advanced

Treatment Time:  half-hour in-office and seven days of at-home care

Ingredients: Trichloroacetic Acid, Phenol, Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C and Tretinoin

Process: This medical-strength peel was utilized to the pores and skin to assist enhance uneven pores and skin tone, hyperpigmentation, texture, pimples and fantastic traces. Numbing cream was used earlier than the answer was utilized in two layers, however the peel was then washed off earlier than bedtime. All of the post-peel necessities and directions for the following week got here collectively in a useful take-home package and an smartphone app helped guarantee all the steps had been performed on the proper time. On days 2-5 there was a heavy quantity of peeling and on the ultimate two days brighter, brisker pores and skin was revealed.

Results: “Undergoing the peel was super comfortable and easy. The application was simple, the instructions were clear, and the VI Derm Beauty take-home products like the cleaners and SPF made it easy to take care of my skin the following week. The smartphone app gave me daily reminders of what to do next and the fact that my skin was actually peeling off was also a helpful hint to be super cautious with my next steps. This peel really didn’t come with any downtime except that I had to be mindful of limiting my face-to-face time with others because I was actively peeling, but I felt no discomfort at all. The effort I put in to taking care of my results the week after was truly worth it as my skin was left smoother, brighter, and more importantly the dark patches above my lips that were making me self-conscious were almost undetectable.”  —Tatiana Bido

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