What Are Strawberry Legs, and Why I’m Not Ashamed to Have Them

What Are Strawberry Legs, and Why I'm Not Ashamed to Have Them

There is an airborne virus circulating by means of the world proper now, which I might say is sufficient to be insecure about. In apocalyptic occasions like these, the very last thing I’m considering of is how my cleanly-shaved legs look — particularly since I have not been shaving them as typically.

But one afternoon, scrolling down my Twitter feed, I, for the primary time in many years, was compelled to take into consideration the looks of my legs. I stumbled on a Tweet that included a pair of close-up pictures of Beyoncé’s legs. The queen’s gams are certainly a sight to behold, however it was the caption that threw me. “Beyoncé has strawberry legs like me,” the particular person wrote, including a cute-eyes emoji to the publish.

“Strawberry legs?” I mentioned. “Now, what in the world?” The picture of Beyoncé’s legs revealed tiny little darkish spots the place her hair follicles are. They’re a function I observed about my legs once I began shaving them as a pre-teen, and I hadn’t thought a lot about them since. At the time, the legs that I noticed within the media had been sometimes airbrushed and smoothed into one uniform coloration. This was the early 2000s, so you recognize there was nary a nick, a scratch, or scar in sight. But after trying round at my classmates and noticing that just about everybody had tiny pores on their freshly-shaven legs, I moved on. I by no means considered it once more — that’s, till I noticed this Tweet.

I’ve to admit, my lizard mind virtually instantly went to “Is this something I need to worry about now?” But after studying it once more, I acquired the impression that the unique poster wasn’t attempting to categorical there was something unsuitable together with your legs trying like this. Indeed, it seems she felt seen and normalized by the pictures. But nonetheless, I used to be just a little bothered. Not by the poster, in fact. I used to be extra upset with society making us suppose completely regular, typically innocuous options on our our bodies want to be “fixed.” Even whenever you Google the time period “strawberry legs,” the highest outcomes are all articles on how to do away with them.

The fact is that “strawberry legs” is extra of an encompassing time period that may colloquially describe one thing as innocent as darkish pores, or an precise situation that comes with chronically dry pores and skin. “The term ‘strawberry legs’ has been used to describe legs that display prominent red or black dots representing hair follicles,” Birmingham-based board-certified dermatologist Corey L. Hartman tells me. “The name comes from the resemblance to the seeds of a strawberry.”

For most individuals, “strawberry legs” ain’t nothing however some ol’ hair follicles. Seriously — that is it. The solely time to actually fear about them is if you happen to’re coping with an precise pores and skin concern. “These dots can represent several different skin conditions, however, and the follicles are more prominent because of the buildup of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells,” explains Hartman. “Strawberry legs can be used to describe folliculitis, keratosis pilaris, clogged pores, and dry skin.”

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