What Is a Migraine Hangover? | Body & Mind

What Is a Migraine Hangover? | Body & Mind

“During the postdrome phase, someone may report not feeling like themselves. This phase may involve difficulty with concentration, attention, motivation, and fatigue,” says Buse,

Having migraine doesn’t essentially imply that you simply’ll have postdrome. A 2006 examine revealed in Cephalagia discovered that out of 827 examine members with acute migraine, 68 % reported postdrome signs. Female members within the examine have been extra more likely to have postdrome, and the most typical signs have been tiredness and a low-grade headache.

How do you deal with a migraine hangover?

For those that usually endure migraine postdrome, it could be simpler to preempt them by treating your migraine assault itself whereas it’s taking place. Of course, that’s not all the time potential. “The postdrome may be reduced or eliminated when the migraine attack is properly treated,” says Newman. “Migraine-specific acute medications treat the head pain and the associated symptoms. If these medications are taken early in the attack, they can prevent or reduce the postdrome symptoms for many people.”

Options for therapy will differ, and also you’ll want to talk to a physician about a long-term therapy plan when you’ve got frequent migraines. In basic, over-the-counter ache relievers (like ibuprofen and aspirin) or prescription-strength triptans can scale back or boring migraine ache, whereas anti-nausea medicine could also be prescribed to handle signs of digestive upset, in accordance with the Mayo Clinic.

If you’re experiencing a migraine postdrome, be light with your self. The American Migraine Foundation (AMF) recommends getting further relaxation, staying hydrated, and doing mild actions, like stretching. The AMF additionally notes that after a extreme migraine assault you could (understandably) be desperate to resume your regular exercise, however ignoring signs of postdrome could enhance your danger of getting one other full-blown migraine assault.

To keep away from postdrome sooner or later, concentrate on migraine prevention. Newman cites life-style adjustments akin to sustaining a common sleep schedule (together with on the weekends), avoiding migraine triggers in your eating regimen, exercising at the very least three days a week, and consuming at the very least 5 glasses of water per day as foundational to lowering migraine frequency. He additionally emphasizes the significance of lowering stress. “Take time for yourself, at least 30 to 60 minutes daily, that is your time to decompress,” he says.

If you’ve by no means been formally identified with migraine however are experiencing signs, it could be a signal that it’s time to see your physician. “If you have moderate or severe headache that makes it difficult to function and is associated with sensitivity to light and/or sound, and feelings of nausea, you may have migraine,” says Buse. “Talk to your health care provider about what you experience to obtain an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan.”

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