What the 2021 Summer Solstice Means and How to Celebrate

What the 2021 Summer Solstice Means and How to Celebrate

As you possibly can think about, in historic instances, a time wherein the solar appeared to stand nonetheless was a motive to have a good time. According to Farmer’s Almanac, in Ancient Egypt, the summer time solstice occurred at the similar time as the rising of the Nile River. They had to defend their society and plan for flooding, so because of this, the Egyptian New Year started throughout the solstice. Additionally, the Irish went searching on the eve of the solstice for treasured gems and gold, which is related to the solar (silver is related to the moon). And, sure, in case you had been questioning, the solstice additionally coincides with Midsummer celebrations, most famously at Stonehenge, which is stuffed with flowers like in the film Midsommar

How can I have a good time the summer time solstice? 

The summer time solstice additionally marks the begin of Cancer season, which runs from Monday, June 21 to Thursday, July 22. Kind Cancers are nurturing, but in addition know when to use these crab claws. Cancer season can typically carry a melancholy temper and summertime disappointment, however it’s additionally about bringing associates and household — chosen or blood — collectively. While the summer time solstice is all about the solar, Cancer is dominated by the silvery moon. While the solar reaches its highest level in the sky, the moon reaches its lowest, which makes each a sight to behold. 

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