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Why Does Everyone Hate on Taurus? Why People Don’t Like Taurus Zodiac Sign

Why Does Everyone Hate on Taurus? Why People Don't Like Taurus Zodiac Sign

I’ve requested folks “What’s your sign?” greater than I’ve requested another query in my life. I’m an astrologer, in spite of everything, and discovering out somebody’s Sun signal gives me with helpful information, whether or not they’re a shopper, classmate, Tinder match, or bartender. Zodiac indicators are clearly all created equal, however we do have sure ones we are likely to gravitate towards. And sure, I’ve dated/befriended/had conflicts with each single one.

Yet when somebody asks me what my signal is, I freeze. What if they’ve preconceived notions about my zodiac signal? What in the event that they, god forbid, immediately despise me?

FYI: I’m a Taurus. And under no circumstances am I ashamed of that reality. I like being a Taurus (as I’m positive others with this placement would agree!). Yet I do know that Taurus stereotypes will be true AF—each the nice and the unhealthy. (My boyfriend is a Taurus Rising and Taurus Moon, so I deal with it on the day by day!)

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Here’s what the Taurus haters say:

Tauruses are cussed.

Hell sure, we’re! I’ve heard all of it earlier than. Tauruses are unchanging, inflexible, and uncompromising. But TBH, our stubbornness is definitely a type of power. No, we’re not making an attempt to be a complete thorn in your facet, we simply favor consistency. We might not at all times be probably the most adventurous folks on earth, however that’s as a result of we prefer to take our time, and once we discover one thing that works—we preserve at it.

We’re affected person (not like sure indicators, Gemini) and dependable AF. Think of us like a rock you possibly can at all times lean on. We’re steady and we’ll stand the check of time. Life hack: To get a Taurus to ease up on their stubbornness, method the convo calmly and with an open coronary heart. They’ll be extra inclined to listen to you out.

Tauruses are possessive.

Let’s reframe this for a second. Possessiveness implies that somebody is deeply invested. And when a Taurus is appearing possessive, it means they’re defending somebody they deeply love. Possessiveness is actually loyalty, devotion, and dedication to an unwavering diploma. Tauruses give their entire coronary heart and soul to these they deem worthy—and in case you occur to be make the lower, take into account your self fortunate. A Taurus will defend you in opposition to hurt, it doesn’t matter what. You’ve obtained somebody you possibly can depend on for the lengthy haul.

However, I in fact perceive that individuals are not possessions and nobody ought to be managed. Pro tip: Communicate compassionately along with your Taurus and clarify that simply since you need freedom doesn’t imply you don’t take care of them. Nine instances out of ten, they’ll again off.

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Tauruses are materialistic and indulgent.

Listen up. Tauruses are extraordinarily hardworking. When we set our minds on a purpose, we work till we accomplish it. We get sh*t completed, often with out complaining. So once we wish to loosen up, we’ve earned it! Tauruses want loads of time to recharge as a result of we’re an earth signal. This factor is the slowest-moving but in addition the one with probably the most perseverance. While some folks may even see it as lazy when a Taurus takes a ~very~ lengthy break, we’re truly conserving our power.

Also, as an earth signal, Tauruses obvi like cash, and this will lead folks to suppose we’re grasping and egocentric. But hey, like I stated, in case you work for it, you’ve earned it! What’s mistaken with dwelling the nice life or treating your self?! Keep in thoughts that Tauruses are dominated by Venus, which isn’t simply the planet of affection however additionally the planet of delight. This provides Tauruses their romantic, sensual, and hedonistic vibes. Insider leak: If you’re feeling a Taurus resides it up a bit too a lot, focus on working on a purpose collectively to get them motivated.

Tauruses have horrible tempers.

If you’ve seen a Taurus’s mood, it’s sensible to run from the bull’s horns. But not like fireplace indicators, Taurus isn’t one to blow up over a easy disagreement. We’re are gradual to anger, identical to we will be gradual to take motion. It takes a substantial amount of provocation to trigger a Taurus’s rage to be unleashed. It’s like a volcano—the frustration builds over time. A Taurus will attempt to comprise it, maintain it down, and let it dissipate, till you’ve poked it one too many instances after which—bam! Look TF out.

But look, the occasional combat is value it as a result of Tauruses are simply so PASSIONATE. We put the whole lot we now have into our objectives and relationships, and we don’t count on to fail. This is why making an attempt to make an enemy of 1 just isn’t a good suggestion. We’ll by no means forgive or neglect what you did. Instead, in case you’re arguing with a Taurus, the very best factor to do is to stage with them in a sensible manner so that you’re each approaching the state of affairs logically. The pressure will vanish if a Taurus can see you’re prepared to speak issues out, and peace will reign as soon as once more.

See, what did I say? Clearly, we’re the very best signal. So seize a Taurus and snuggle up—you gained’t remorse it.

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