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You Are Doing a Good Job.

Joanna Goddard and Anton

Last evening, Anton and I…

…made humorous movies and ate ginger cookies. Afterward, he put his pajamas on, and I gave him an extra-long cuddle as a result of he’s had a onerous couple weeks — pal stuff, faculty stuff, you identify it. I needed I might maintain him in my arms on a regular basis; or wave a magic wand and make all the pieces okay.

Then I acquired into my very own mattress and stared on the ceiling. Parenting; it’s not for the feint of coronary heart.

Sometimes I stroll round, and everybody appears to have it collectively. Families glide down the sidewalk with guffawing toddlers and chatty preteens. But then I truly discuss to associates and neighbors and everybody’s coping with one thing. Remember that outdated saying? “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” My pal, who’s a baby therapist, says her inbox is full.

Anyway, all to say: YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB; YOU ARE A GOOD PARENT WHO IS TRYING. A reader as soon as stated, “Bless you, new moms. If you’re trying, you are doing a great job.” And I feel that’s true for fogeys of children of all ages. I don’t know who wants to listen to it (apart from me!) however I’m providing you with a pat on the again and sending a hug and gazing at you with admiration. I really like you. xo

P.S. Home as a haven, and what makes your baby snicker?

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